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Rishi Sharma, who left Emmerdale in a dramatic ITV soap, discusses his new role.

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After leaving the ITV serial opera Emmerdale, Rishi Sharma has revealed to his followers what his new role will be.

Fans of the iconic ITV soap opera Emmerdale were in for a treat as actor Bhasker Patel, who plays Rishi Sharma, gave new details on his most recent project in the wake of his character’s shocking departure.

The 10-part film cycle Leviathan’s filming has concluded, the 67-year-old actor confirmed on Instagram, leaving fans impatiently expecting its release.

Bhasker expressed his feelings in a touching tweet, saying, “That’s a WRAP on #leviathancycle #episode #epidose10 @xanadujenn @bartsienkiewicz #shezaddawood #director @emebenjamin @hyovaro finally said bye to Nemo #character & reunited with Ding Ling #thatsallfolks.” The news was accompanied by an assortment of fascinating behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot.

Additionally, the actor posted a different behind-the-scenes image with the hashtags “#leviathancycle #episode10 @bartsienkiewicz @xanadujenn @unitedagents @emebenjamin #director #shezaddawood #readyformycloseup.”

Fans of the soap opera immediately shared their delight about the images. “What a gorgeous picture,” one fan wrote alongside heart emojis. Another commented, “Awesome photo,” while a third just showered the post in hearts.

The reason for Rishi’s premature death was just revealed to Emmerdale viewers in Friday’s episode. In a touching turn of events, it was discovered that Rishi had fallen down the steps unintentionally.

Those who had conjectured about more serious circumstances surrounding his demise were relieved to learn the news.

Rishi was conspicuously missing from Jai Sharma’s (Chris Bisson) and Laurel Thomas’ (Charlotte Bellamy) wedding festivities because of a dispute with his son. In a tearful statement, Jai thanked his father for always being there for him and promised to talk to him soon to share his actual sentiments.

The terrible scene that followed was when Jai found Rishi’s lifeless body at the foot of the steps.

Bhasker Patel discussed his emotional exit during an appearance on Lorraine after his character left the show. The actor disclosed that the choice to kill off Rishi was made by the producers in order to develop a substantial plot and surprise viewers.

Bhasker felt a mixture of nostalgia and acceptance when thinking back on his time on Emmerdale, acknowledging that his relationship with Rishi had come to an end.

“When the producer called me and said, ‘I need to talk to you and we’re killing you off because we want a big story and it’s going to be a big surprise,'” the man recalled. ITV let me do a lot of other work over my twelve years there, so I felt a part of Rishi and ITV at the same time as I was working in London.

I thought, “Okay, that part of my life with this guy is over, and I’m going to move on,” until the producer stated, “We’re going to kill you off.”

It’s brutal, though: “We’re going to kill you off,” What a sentence to hear, said guest host Christine Lampard.

Christine then read out comments from admirers, moving Bhasker to tears and causing him to wipe away his emotions.

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