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Simon Gregson of Coronation Street has a “eureka moment” after a 20-year fight with a terrible disease.

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Simon Gregson, a legendary character from Coronation Street, has been up about how he battled terrible anxiety for more than 20 years before a “mental trigger” helped him get better.

Simon Gregson has described the “eureka moment” that helped him overcome his fear.

The Coronation Street star struggled behind the scenes for many years out of dread of what people would think of him.

The 48-year-old claims that his over sharing was caused by his desperation to be liked by others.

But Simon has now revealed the “mental trigger” that, after 20 years of struggle, helped him become better.

It happens after he saw a psychiatrist for assistance before taking control of the excruciating ailment.

According to Simon, “everyone has a mental trigger that can aid in recovery.”

“For me, it was asking myself, ‘Do I want to be with my family on my deathbed and regret not worrying more?'”

“I didn’t, no. It was a lightbulb moment. I just let things go now.

In order to teach his brain not to “hold on to stuff that doesn’t matter,” Simon claimed he had to practise.

The doctor for the popular soap told him he had anxiety for 20 years.

“I was always very anxious growing up, worrying about what people thought of me,” Simon continued.

There were also depressive periods. When your children begin to notice things, you can’t keep sweeping things up from under the carpet.

At the time, he posted on Twitter, “This is real and awful to live with please watch and understand it’s a hidden awful emotion that effects far more than you’d think.”

“BUT controllable and treatable with the correct assistance. Not by themselves, xx.

“Life is so complicated now,” Simon retorted in response to a mother whose 15-year-old daughter was “going through hell” at the moment.

There are too many demands on our infants. Go back to nature for a month, practising love and patience. single existence. Enjoy embracing and adoring one another.(sic)

In his 40s, Simon claimed to be “healthier” than he had ever been.

Alfie, Harry, and Henry are his three sons, and he has been married to Emma Gleave since 2010.

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