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Soap Alum Vincent Irizarry Pays Tribute To The Great Angela Lansbury

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The soap hopper worked with the stage and screen legend and shares what it was like to work with her.

Fans from all around the world enjoy seeing Vincent Irizarry in his different soap opera roles, but one part outside of daytime television held special significance for him since it allowed him to collaborate with the iconic Angela Lansbury, who recently passed away.

Vincent Irizarry Pays Tribute To A Star

The actor was featured on Murder She Wrote, the CBS drama that Lansbury starred in for many years. He has also appeared on Guiding Light, Santa Barbara, All My Children, The Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives, and The Bold and the Beautiful. Irizarry honored her on his official Instagram, saying:

I’ve had the good fortune to work with many seasoned actors throughout the course of my life and career, and this incredible talent was one of those people I will never, ever forget.

On the renowned Ms. #angelalandsbury’s long-running series, #murdershewrote, season 7, episode 11, “Family Doctor,” I had the wonderful honor of working with her.

When it came to working with the “stars” of the program, I learnt a very important lesson on that set that has been repeatedly demonstrated on every other set I’ve worked on since.

There is a cascading effect between individuals whose names appear above the title and everyone else, those numerous gears in the machine, who collectively help to give it all life.

From the moment she arrived on set until she finished her work, Ms. Landsbury was the epitome of professionalism in every manner.

It’s important to note that this was the 7th season of her program, and because she set the tone with her professionalism and her consideration for everyone on the set, it was genuinely one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone was so considerate, gracious, and respectful of one another as they worked to keep the performance successful; this was a natural reflection of the traits she herself had demonstrated and shared with them all throughout those years together.

My opinion of her as a phenomenal talent was already elevated after watching her perform live on Broadway in the original production of @sweeneytoddbway against #lencariou as well as in the masterful political suspense thriller #themanchuriancandidate. She was undoubtedly a remarkable force of nature.

RIP, cherished woman and singular talent. I’m so appreciative of the treasures you have given us.

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