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Stephen Reid from Coronation Street was ‘caught’ for murders when artificial intelligence (AI) found missed evidence.

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Stephen Reid, a murderer on Coronation Street, has been killing people since moving to the cobbles last year, but artificial intelligence has revealed how he will eventually be apprehended.

The serial murderer Stephen Ried (Todd Boyce) from Coronation Street will be exposed for his record of heinous crimes, according to AI tools.

Fans of the ITV soap opera have watched the Canadian billionaire kill many people since returning to Weatherfield last year in order to hide his deceit and plots.

Stephen has gotten away with three murders in the soap opera, including shoving Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) off a balcony, striking Teddy Thompkins (Grant Burgin) in the head, and drowning Rufus Donahue (Steve Meo) in his pool.

The murderer has messed up numerous times, leaving spectators to worry when he will be apprehended for his atrocities.

They forecast that the truth could all come to a violent conclusion according to an artificially intelligent technology called Bard.

The Daily Star came up with four scenarios for Stephen’s demise when it questioned how he would be discovered.

The police, who are presently conducting an investigation into Leo’s death, would undoubtedly make an arrest.

According to the source, this is the most plausible scenario because the authorities are already looking into his possible participation in Leo’s death. They could make an arrest and file murder charges against him if they discover enough proof.

Another potential is that Stephen might commit a mistake in relation to one of the murders and wind himself in jail.

“Stephen is caught by the police, he may receive a prison sentence for his crimes,” the AI database stated. This would be a suitable finish for him because he would spend the remainder of his life behind bars, which would practically stop his appearances on the show.

Despite the AI system’s highlight, it’s also possible that someone notices what the murderer is doing.

“Someone he knows could see him commit a crime or overhear him talking about it,” it said. “Or he could be tricked into confessing by someone he trusts.”

How long will Stephen be able to carry on with his murders before he is caught? Stephen has managed to get away with his crimes.

He’s made four murder attempts in recent weeks after deciding to focus on Elaine Jones’s (Paula Wilcox) money.

The soap actor explained to Express.co.uk how her character, Elaine, fell for the killer’s charm despite the fact that she recently learned of his lies.

“Stephen is such an appealing idea because she’s lonely and he’s very presentable as a partner, isn’t he,” she added.

“He seems to be a very sweet and kind person. He’s well cared for, he seems smart, he’s intelligent.

She has simply “fallen hook, line and sinker” and is currently very focused on this marriage, sharing with someone, and making the most of her remaining years.

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