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Supporters of Coronation Street ‘figure out’ Daisy’s dark path as she develops an unhealthy infatuation.

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Ryan Connor and Daisy Midgeley of Coronation Street reconciled their differences regarding catfishing and the acid attack to become friends once more.

After Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) returned to the cobbles, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), who is a character on Coronation Street, would develop an unhealthy obsession with him.

After spending some time in Ireland with his mother Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh), Ryan returned to Weatherfield.

He made the decision to start working out again and purchased some gym equipment, but he neglected to tell Carla Connor (Alison King) that he had also begun taking steroids.

Daisy went to the flat after learning that Ryan had returned to try and make up with her; instead, she was yelled at and called names by a still-irate Ryan.

Recently, though, Ryan made the decision to grow up, put their disagreements behind them, and apologised for calling her insults.

ITV soap opera devotees are already theorising that Daisy may develop an unhealthy infatuation with Ryan and go a dark path similar to her stalker Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still).

Others believe that she may be putting herself in danger if Ryan loses control of his fury because of his steroid use.

User @Mysterious_Time_2883 posted on their Reddit page that he didn’t want Ryan and Daisy to get together.

They stated: “As soon as he returns, she stops by his house and essentially repeats what she’s previously said.

“Like yeah, he already knows why she did the catfishing thing, and he still has chosen not to forgive her, but she’s not taking no for an answer.”

“We are entering a ‘roid-rage’ storyline,” @ArcticBlaster continued. I’m not sure if she will defend him, defend herself, or do both.

Of again, the bruise might be portending an infection and a medical plot in which she could once again be helpful as a puppet.

@Mysterious_Time_2883, the original author, responded, “Look at how Daisy has acted towards Ryan in the past.

“It’s just as icky that people want them to get together, but for him to just forgive and forget her for repeatedly interfering in his life; at this rate, she’ll turn into a stalker.”

“I don’t think they should get together, but Ryan’s behaviour is strange to me,” MarkG_108 stated.

“He could have been playing up the hero role he took in saving Daisy from Justin’s attack, instead of isolating himself in some big grand sulk.” (sic)

Could Daisy’s mania for Ryan’s approval and forgiveness go too far once more?

Will Ryan’s addiction to steroids have disastrous repercussions for the two of them?

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