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The Young And The Restless Preview Video For The Week Of July 31, 2023: Sharon’s Bold Move, Lilly’s Steamy Striptease

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Teenage and the Restless It’s finally here: the preview video for the week of July 31, 2023! Sharon Rosales makes a risky move to enlist Mariah Copeland on her team in the next episodes. Meanwhile, hearts are likely to race after watching Lily Winters’ sensuous striptease. But there’s more! Phyllis Summers goes in search of Adam Newman with a crafty scheme to bring Tucker McCall down. Read on to learn more.

Sharon’s Surprising Pitch To Mariah

Sharon approaches a new team member for Kirsten Incorporated at the start of the preview video for the week of July 31–August 4, 2023. Sharon is looking for assistance to restructure Kirsten Incorporated. She surprises Mariah with an unexpected pitch as part of this strategy. She queries her about the possibility of leaving Jabot to participate in her mother’s business.

The promo video for the week of July 31–August 4, 2023 begins with Sharon talking to a new team member for Kirsten Incorporated. For the purpose of restructuring Kirsten Incorporated, Sharon is asking for help. As part of her plan, she catches Mariah off guard with a pitch. She asks her whether she would consider quitting Jabot to work in her mother’s company.

The Young And The Restless: Abbott Sibling Rivalry Takes A Dark Turn!

Billy also updates Jack, Diane, and Jack on a fresh problem. Billy was supposed to act as a Trojan horse and enter Ashley and Tucker’s business in the initial scheme. Ashley, though, seems to have reversed the situation. Billy admits that Ashley urged him to join her own version of their scheme when he reports back to Diane and Jack. Now that Ashley wants Billy to be a Trojan horse at Jabot, Jack and Diane must figure out how to take advantage of this turn of events. Billy can therefore choose to stick by his brother rather than his sister!

Phyllis’ Cunning Plan Unleashed

Finally, in the Y&R teaser clip, Phyllis approaches Adam while acting as though she wants to reconsider accepting his job offer. Adam pursues her for the real reason behind her approach since he believes there is more to the story. At some point, Phyllis admits, “I need you to find something to take Tucker McCall down.” She is hoping that Adam’s talent for dirty tricks will enable her to get Tucker off her back. According to spoilers on The Young and the Restless, Tucker may face difficulties as a result of Phyllis and Adam’s alliance.

In order to receive more of these The Young and the Restless information, we recommend all of the fans to bookmark TV Season & Spoilers. Every Wednesday, CBS broadcasts the soap opera. Keep an eye on the action. Enjoy the preview video provided below in the meantime!

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