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They’re the ultimate Summer Baes! Sarah Roberts and James Stewart’s love story in pictures

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The cast of Home And Away has a history of off-screen romances; Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor come to mind. James Stewart and Sarah Roberts experienced exactly that.

When Sarah joined the cast as the fiery, leather-clad Willow in 2017, James was already a regular, portraying bad boy Justin.

There was no denying there was electricity between these two from the time Sarah sauntered onto the screen, much to James’ character’s amazement (more on that later).

In fact, Sarah has admitted in the past that her and James had such a strong bond that their romantic scenes felt quite natural.

The actress said, “There’s real chemistry, so it’s easy – I don’t even have to act!”
Sarah claims that having confidence in their on-screen relationship has benefited her on set.

“[James] is so humorous; it’s sometimes difficult not to laugh. Having those tiny secrets, though, enhances the work we do. Fun ensues.



After a brief courtship, the pair got married in July 2019 in a lavish ceremony that was only attended by their immediate family and friends.

In reality, they were married twice: first, in a laid-back ceremony in Sydney’s Coogee, and then in a lavish ceremony at an Irish castle.

On the occasion of their first wedding anniversary, Sarah shared this adorable picture of a bouquet of roses that James had given her, along with a polaroid from that particular day that showed her, James, and Scout, the daughter he had with his ex-girlfriend Jessica Marais.

According to James, the wedding gave the couple a “fresh start” and gave them the opportunity to make a lifetime’s worth of their own memories.

James has previously commented, “It feels like a foundation’s formed to go and achieve something spectacular.

Who knows what will occur during the next six, twelve, or twenty-four months? However, whatever it is, it will be supported effectively and be a lot simpler.

So let’s take a look back at the amazing love tale between Sarah and James in honour of those wonderful foundations.

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