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Todd Boyce, a star of Coronation Street, explains why Stephen will probably pass away.

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One question in particular has been raised by several viewers of Coronation Street as Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) terror reign continues.

When will it be over?

Stephen was first introduced as Audrey’s (Sue Nicholls) businessman son who was visiting Weatherfield to spend time with his family in England. However, after murdering Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost), who had discovered that Stephen was attempting to steal money from Audrey, Stephen was revealed to be the next bad guy on the cobbles.

After realising that Stephen knew more than he was letting on regarding Leo’s disappearance, the character killed Teddy, Leo’s father.

The most recent victim was fellow businessman Rufus Donohue, who passed away after telling Stephen that he was fully aware of his involvement in drugging Carla (Alison King).

No one on the cobblestones is safe, which is a fascinating dark tale, but Stephen will inevitably depart the show once his secrets are discovered.

How will that be, though?

Todd Boyce has been thinking about this for a time, and he just shared a surprise theory as to why he believes Stephen would die in his final scenes.

He said to Inside Soap, “I share a dressing room with Dan Brocklebank [who plays Billy Mayhew], who is just so much fun and so wonderful.”

He claims that every person who has sat in my chair has passed away! It’s kind of a haunted chair, then. Dan has been a part of the show for ten years; that’s a little concerning!”

When Rufus’ wife Lou shows up and shares her feelings regarding her partner’s death, Stephen could be about to commit murder once more at another location.

A tie pin that was discovered next to Rufus’ body would soon find its way into Lou’s possession; she is unaware that it belonged to Stephen.

Todd continued, “He’s really hating himself for wearing that pin.”

He is cursing at himself. Now when he can sense the walls closing in on him, he exclaims, “Oh, God, no!” He has managed to persuade himself that he would never have to commit murder once more, but he is still in denial.

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