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Tonight, Emmerdale will unveil a significant mystery when the father of Jai Sharma is revealed.

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Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale are in for a treat as the show gets ready to air an hour-long episode on Thursday. The long-awaited revelation will finally reveal who Jai Sharma’s biological father is.

On Thursday night’s episode of Emmerdale, Jai Sharma (played by Chris Bisson) will learn the truth about his biological father in an hour-long episode. Not everyone is in the dark, though—not just the watchers.

Following a dramatic twist that occurred earlier this month, Jai will also learn the truth. At his father Rishi Sharma’s (Bhasker Patel) home, Jai discovered some old paperwork while he was getting ready to marry Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy).

He discovered an adoption certificate among the letters, shattering his idea of who his family was. According to the document, Rishi is not his biological father. Devastated, Jai faced Rishi and Georgia Sharma (Lin Blakley), his mother, to demand an explanation.

Jai had always felt Georgia was his biological mother, and Rishi confirmed this. He asserted, nonetheless, that he had concealed the information for Jai’s benefit. Rishi refused to say who his biological father was, despite Jai’s assurances that he would always be there for him as his father.

Up until this point, Rishi has kept quiet about the other incidents, merely stating that the man is no longer in the picture and that his whereabouts are unknown.

He added that before they got romantically involved, he and Georgia were just friends, and she later got pregnant. With Georgia as his future wife, Rishi stepped up and committed to raise Jai as his own.

Jai, though, is still not certain that he has been given the full story. He even declined Rishi’s invitation to his wedding as a result of the secrets and falsehoods that had damaged their friendship.

On Thursday, when the much-awaited wedding day finally arrives, the truth regarding Jai’s parentage and the previous events will be revealed. When Rishi eventually exposes Jai’s biological father, Jai will be in shock. Jai will undoubtedly be profoundly impacted by the discovery, but it remains to be seen if Jai and Rishi will get closer as a result.

Audiences will learn whether Georgia is in the village to stay or if her attendance is just for the wedding as the day progresses. After leaving the programme in 2015, the character has made a comeback for the big day, played by a different actor.

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