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Tyrone Dobbs of Coronation Street was devastated by Evelyn Plummer’s dishonesty.

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Tyrone Dobbs of Coronation Street has been adjusting to life at home without Fiz Dobbs after recently being abandoned by Evelyn Plummer.

Tyrone Dobbs, portrayed by Alan Halsall on Coronation Street, is about to learn the truth about his mother, Cassandra Plummer, played by Claire Sweeney, and is devastated by his family’s falsehoods.

When Cassie returned to Weatherfield a month ago, her mother, Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman), was astounded that her daughter wanted to be honest with Tyrone.

Before telling Tyrone the shocking news, Evelyn believed it would be better to seek Cassie’s drug addiction treatment.

But will all of her falsehoods come out and put her relationship with her grandson in peril?

The Tai Chi instructor, Gerry (Graham Turner), will soon explain that he has reserved the community center for the entire day.

When Glenda learns that it conflicts with the Little Big Shotz Summer Spectacular show, which the kids have been working so hard to prepare for, she is appalled.

She confides in Tyrone that she needs to locate a new location for the concert out of stress.

Hope Stape (Isabelle Flanagan), who overheard their talk, recommends consulting with Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) as she is a member of the council.

After considering a few potential locations for the show, Maria offers the restaurant, and Glenda agrees that it would be a terrific idea.

Tyrone also leaves a message for Evelyn informing her that the girls would be performing at the Bistro and would appreciate her support.

Evelyn and Cassie return to Weatherfield and settle into a leased flat while this is happening at the precinct.

Tyrone sends Evelyn a message, but she informs Cassie that she won’t be going since she can’t abandon her so soon after returning from rehab.

Cassie, who has been clean for weeks, persuades Evelyn to allow her to go outside and fetch a coffee since she is getting tired of spending the day indoors.

Giving in, Evelyn agrees, but when she realises that her purse is stolen, she becomes concerned and resolves to swiftly locate her daughter.

Cassie arrives at the Bistro with different plans, causing Tyrone to recognised her as a friend of James’ and ask whether she’s heard from Evelyn.

Breathless, Evelyn rushes into the eatery in time to hear Cassie inform Tyrone that she is his biological mother; but, how will he respond? Will he be angry with Evelyn for separating them?

Later, Hope and Ruby Dobbs (Nacy Alabi) enthusiastically question Tyrone about their new grandmother and inquire as to when they will get to see her.

Evelyn is enraged by Cassie’s behaviour in the flat and berates her for the dreadful mess she’s made.

When Evelyn contacts Tyrone in the garage, she assures him that she was simply trying to protect him because she feels bad and wants to justify her actions.

She continues, saying that once she was certain Cassie was moral and fit to be Tyrone’s mother, she would tell him the truth.

Tyrone confides his feelings to Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) and Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) after being hurt by Evelyn’s falsehoods.

Knowing the repercussions, Abi tells him to think very carefully before putting a drug user in recovery into the lives of the daughters.

Tyrone calls at the flat in the precinct after considering their advice, but will he be able to forgive the two of them? Or have both of them crossed too many red lines?

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