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Upon learning that Adam is the baby’s father, Sarah hides yet another significant fact from him in Coronation Street.

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After involving Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) just made things much worse with Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) on Coronation Street.

In the ITV soap opera that aired on Wednesday (July 28), Adam informed Sarah that he has requested official confirmation from the DNA lab regarding whether he is the father of her child. This caused Sarah to become more anxious.

Before these scenes, Sarah and Stephen had been in Victoria Garden, and Stephen had pulled her paternity test letter from the trash after noticing her throw it away.

After putting the letter together and tearing up, Sarah told us that Damon (Ciaran Griffiths) is probably the baby’s father.

In Friday’s (July 28) episode, Sarah had everything planned out in order to obtain the DNA letter ahead of Adam so she could destroy it.

However, she had to leave right away and accepted Stephen’s assistance when he offered to retrieve the letter on her behalf after Gail (Helen Worth) disclosed that she was at A&E with Harry following a fall.

Stephen was able to grab the paper and destroy it. Then he spent time in the factory’s headquarters designing a new one, fabricating the outcomes, and making it appear as though Adam is the father.

Sarah watched anxiously as Adam read the letter when they arrived home.

The results, of course, show that he is the baby’s father, he revealed to Sarah, who could not have been happier for him.

Sarah was a little perplexed by this, and she became incensed when a smug Stephen told her the truth and revealed how proud he is of his forging abilities.

Sarah was speaking with Nick (Ben Price), wanting to know if Damon had mentioned her during their last phone chat, as Adam met with Daniel (Rob Mallard), Ken (William Roache), and Stephen to talk about a gender reveal party.

Back at the flat, Sarah was checking her phone and erasing numerous missed call notifications from Damon as Adam talked eagerly about purchasing his child a kilt to wear.

The fact that Damon is attempting to get in touch with Sarah shows that this crisis is still ongoing, despite Adam’s belief that the ordeal is now finished.

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