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Woman suffers horrific abuse by ‘evil’ partner days before she dies of overdose

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A YOUNG woman suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her ‘evil’ partner in the days before she died of a drug overdose.

After being abused by Bobby Hardman, 33, Charissa Brown-Wellington, 36, suffered a variety of wounds, including bruises to her face, head, stomach, arms, and legs. Ms. Brown-Wellington was discovered unconscious at the house she and her lover shared earlier this year, the court heard.

She passed on that day, and a court was informed that a pathologist’s report indicated a drug overdose was the cause of death.

Hardman was sentenced to four years in prison yesterday after admitting to assault causing actual bodily injury and false imprisonment.
He was initially detained, though, on murder suspicion, according to the Manchester Evening News.
He is callous and a coward, said Ms. Brown-distraught Wellington’s mother Susan Brown during the hearing at Minshull Street Crown Court. How could he harm her so severely when he is meant to love her? He is a bad guy. He will never be pardoned by us. I felt sick thinking about what transpired.In the 24 hours before to her being discovered unresponsive, the court heard that Hardman resisted letting his partner leave the Bury, Greater Manchester, home.

According to prosecutor Vanessa Thompson, Ms. Brown-Wellington and Hardman struck up a relationship after meeting on Facebook. Family members soon noticed a shift in Ms. Brown-behavior Wellington’s when he moved in with her. She spent less time with her family, and her daughter said that her mother and the defendant argued as the defendant used her mother’s apartment as his own. Later, the victim confided in her mother. She said that Hardman had racial ideas and was hostile toward her. “She informed her mother that he had assaulted her on January 31. He “popped her nose then popped it back in,” she claimed, adding that they had relocated but she was unsure of where.” Ms. Thompson kept talking.”She said that the defendant had taken her phone and that he had been dragging her through the streets by her hair. She also claimed that she was terrified. She claimed that she was worried for the safety of her family and didn’t want them to know where she was.” Her family called Ms. Brown and Hardman numerous times, and they could overhear him abusing her in the background. He admits shattering her phone during one call. He admitted fracturing her nose in another. Along with that, he admitted that he “beat her every time someone phoned her on the phone.”

Her family was distraught because they had no idea where she was or how to reach her, the attorney continued. Her mother, Susan Brown, was worried about her welfare and encouraged her to return home.
The court heard that Hardman received a call from his uncle telling him to release her. The judge was informed that although Hardman claimed he “wasn’t detaining her against her will,” she could be overheard saying “he is.”
Hardman called Ms. Brown-mother Wellington’s on February 2 to report that she wasn’t breathing. She was rushed to the hospital, where sadly she passed away. When her mother went to identify her body, the court heard that she was horrified to see her daughter’s face “bruised and abused.”

When Hardman was first detained on suspicion of murder, he provided police with a prepared statement in which he said Ms. Brown-Wellington had been abusive to him, frequently tripped and bruised easily, and had used diazepam, “meth,” and prescription medications.

Later, a pathologist came to the conclusion that her injuries did not contribute to or cause her death.

Hardman, a resident of Bury, was rumored to have a lengthy criminal history, including convictions for violent crimes against former partners.

Attorney Michael Lea claimed that his client acknowledged hitting Ms. Brown-Wellington.
“The defendant’s condition… he has also experienced a loss,” he said.
“Charissa Brown, with whom he had a connection, is no longer there. He was and still is angry over the circumstance.
Hardman is attempting to handle his drug problems in prison, Mr. Lea stated.
Judge Angela Nield stated while sentencing: “It has been determined that a drug overdose caused her death. It is of little comfort to her family, those numerous people who loved her sincerely and accepted her shortcomings.

She continued by saying that after telling her family he had broken her nose, Hardman “fixed it back in place” with a “apparent perverse delight.”

Hardman, of Rutland Drive, received a four-year sentence with a two-year extended license. Before the parole board will consider his release, he must complete two-thirds of his prison term.

According to Kirsty Walls, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West, Bobby Jo Hardman was Charissa Brown-aggressive Wellington’s and domineering spouse. He isolated Charissa from her friends and family, caused her bodily and emotional pain, and showed no remorse after she died.

“The CPS collaborated with the Greater Manchester Police to develop a compelling prosecution case, which included witness testimony and medical evidence. Given the severity of the evidence, Hardman, who had previously denied all accusations, now acknowledged hitting and holding Charissa Brown-Wellington.

“I hope knowing that Hardman has been punished will bring some solace to Charissa’s family. At this point, they are on my mind.

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