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10 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

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The following week on Home and Away, Felicity’s attempts to mediate the relationship between Cash and Eden fail once more.

Theo worries that he and Kirby might have divergent goals, while Ziggy and Dean’s relationship faces a fresh challenge.

The whole list of 10 significant events is provided here.

1. Bree feels helpless

Bree fears for her safety in light of the information that Jacob failed to arrive for work. She also finds out that Jacob may be anywhere and that he drained their shared bank accounts.

According to the authorities, Jacob doesn’t seem to have left the country and will be taken into custody if he gets in touch with Bree. Remi decides to check into Bree’s hotel room in order to keep a close eye on her.

2. Bree is in danger as Jacob returns

Bree makes the decision to continue living her life and makes Jacob’s divorce public knowledge. She also asks Remi out since she wants to formalize their relationship.

Sadly, just when Bree’s situation appears to be improving, it emerges that Jacob still poses a threat by covertly lurking in the shadows.

3. Mac agrees to move out

When Dean sees that Jai has drawn a family photo that expresses his anxiety about the impending arrival of the new baby, he becomes concerned for the little kid.

Ziggy worries that Dean isn’t giving the baby enough attention, even though she is also concerned about Jai and they don’t even have a nursery ready yet. In order for her room to be converted into a nursery in time for the baby’s arrival, Mac decides to leave.

4. Dean and Ziggy try to move forward

When Ziggy expresses her frustration with the issue and asks herself why she didn’t speak up sooner, Dean is taken aback. Ziggy advises that they need to find a solution as a family, despite Dean’s assurances that he will deal with Jai’s anxieties.

Will Dean’s assurance that she and the child will always come first in his eyes be enough to reassure Ziggy?

5. Cash and Eden are set up by Felicity

Felicity urges Eden to change their initial plans so they can go to a nightclub on the day of Tane and Felicity’s stag and hen celebrations. Eden is shocked to learn that Tane is celebrating his stag party at the same place as the event.

In order for Cash and Eden to be in the same room and maybe make out, Felicity set up this scenario. Cash claims that Eden orchestrated this “coincidence” in order to spend time with him, but Eden advises him to “get over it” and says Felicity was the only one to blame.

6. Felicity faces a backlash

Eden overindulges during the party in an effort to get away from the unpleasant Cash scenario. This backfires when Cash intervenes to get Eden home safely after her behavior raises suspicions. Eden tells Cash she loves him before dropping out at home.

The next day, Cash confronts Felicity for putting Eden and him in such a difficult circumstance. He cautions her not to treat her loved ones in this manner just because she is the bride.

7. Kirby’s wedding comment leaves Theo in a panic

Kirby is clearly moved by Nikau’s best man speech for Tane during the party. She makes fun of the fact that she is so sentimental and wonders how she will act during her own wedding.

Theo, who had never thought about getting married, is concerned by this remark. He ultimately confides in Justin and Leah because he is concerned that he and Kirby may have different life goals.

8. Theo confides in Kirby

Theo is upfront with Kirby, telling her that he has no interest in getting married. It surprises Kirby that Theo has taken her remark seriously, and she clarifies the situation by stating that their relationship is still very young.

Theo explains that his hesitation about getting married is a result of how his parents’ relationship was when he was a child. When Theo talks about how his father beat him when he was younger, Kirby learns about his horrific history.

9. Marilyn feels like a failure

Roo is happy to learn that the charity golf tournament brought in $35,000 overall. Marilyn expresses disappointment, stating that they needed $40,000 to accomplish their goal of bringing in a new food truck for Summer Bay.

Marilyn believes they failed and is not willing to consider the problem from a rational standpoint. Things start to get better, though, when John, a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous, donates an extra $5,000 by reselling the cruise his team won at the championship.

10. Rose makes a discovery about Stacey

After Stacey promised to only date Xander, Rose believes she is not being completely truthful. Rose checks out the dating app Smouldr and sees that Stacey still has an account there.

Rose warns Xander about Stacey’s conceivable deceit. When questioned, Stacey maintains that she just neglected to remove an old account. After what appears to be a resolution, Xander and Stacey advise Rose to be more reserved moving forward.

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