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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

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Coming up on Home and Away, Andrew’s ordeal at the hands of Vita Nova reaches a dramatic climax.

Elsewhere, Felicity is the victim of a devastating attack and lives are in danger as a bomb explodes in John’s van.

Here’s a full collection of 11 big moments.

Justin is taken hostage

After reading Andrew’s note, Justin is still frightened but is now more determined than ever to get Andrew out of Vita Nova. Leah advises him to exercise caution and consult Cash first because she is aware of the cult’s potential for harm.

Cash is alarmed and follows Justin to the compound after he disregards Leah’s advice and leaves to save Andrew alone.

When Cash arrives at Vita Nova’s HQ, threatening Margot confronts him and threatens to denounce him for trespassing without a warrant. Unaware that an injured Justin is lying nearby out of sight, the cop is forced to concede defeat and depart.

Justin’s life hangs in the balance

The captured Justin is still at Margot’s mercy while Cash goes back to the Morgan residence to inform Leah.

Justin eventually receives assistance from Andrew, who advises him to flee. However, just as Justin is attempting to flee, an arrow shoots out and strikes him in the leg.

Because of the weapon in his leg, Justin is rendered immobile and asks Andrew to call an ambulance. The courageous youngster summons all of his strength and picks a lock to secure Justin’s phone before dialing Leah’s number in an attempt to reach her by SOS.

Margot is arrested

Cash is able to swiftly find Justin’s location after placing a trace on his phone. The taskforce storms the Vita Nova compound a short while afterwards. Andrew places Margot under arrest as he guides the medics to Justin.

By the time Justin gets to the hospital, he is in a critical situation, but Bree is able to save him.

As Margot berates him for his transgression, Andrew’s trauma persists. Leah saves him from the cult leader, but it is obvious that Vita Nova will have a lasting effect.

Xander comforts Kate

Despite Mac and Rose’s reservations, Xander remains committed to wanting to help Kate. He reaches out to Jamie’s widow and tells her if she needs a friend, he’s there.

Soon after Kate has an altercation with Timothy’s mother, she accepts Xander’s offer of assistance. Bree overhears the conversation between the two and expresses her worries to Mac.

Later, Mac tries to talk to Xander about the situation, but he has had enough of her interference and informs her bluntly that no one is going to stop him from seeing Kate.

John is in grave danger

The locals are blissfully oblivious that the final package of Stunning Organics products includes a fatal bomb designed for Marilyn as it is moved across the Bay.

As interview requests pour in as a result of her most recent social media post, Marilyn is giddy and assures Roo that the CEO of Stunning Organics won’t know what hit him.

Marilyn asks John to carry the explosive-filled cosmetics box to the dump because she feels like she is at last free. Will the bomb go off while traveling?

Bree feels pushed out

As Lyrik enter the last preparations for the Battle of the Bands, there is excitement in the air, but Bree finds herself competing with Mercedes for Remi’s attention.

Eden, who isn’t the biggest Mercedes lover, doesn’t hesitate to criticize Remi. She cites his disregard for Bree as an example.

Bree receives an apology from Remi for excluding his girlfriend and he assures her that she is the only woman for him.

Felicity is targeted by a mystery attacker

As the band takes the stage for their Battle of the Bands performance, it’s the moment Lyrik have been waiting for.

Bree and Felicity are in the audience supporting them, but while they neglect to watch their drinks, someone sneaks something into Felicity’s glass.

Later, a disoriented Felicity goes outside to get some fresh air. She stumbles as her vision becomes hazy, and she ends up on the stairs unconscious.

Concern mounts for Felicity

Lyrik are ecstatic after winning the Battle of the Bands audience award. The band joins Bree in celebrating, and everyone notices Felicity’s absence since they believe she snuck off to visit Tane.

When Tane gets home and can’t get in touch with his wife, he raises the alarm. Felicity, who is now only partially conscious, is startled by Eden’s phone call.

When Felicity comes to, she is horrified and wonders what occurred while she was unconscious.

Felicity makes a disturbing discovery

Felicity returns to her friends, but soon after she passes out once more. Lyrik decides to leave the competition right away out of concern.

Felicity begins to piece the events together later at the hospital and wonders whether it’s possible her drink may have been drugged. Felicity quickly reveals her suspicion that she may have been sexually raped after becoming distraught.

Felicity agrees to let Bree examine Eden, but she is required to pledge that she won’t tell Cash anything.

Felicity goes to the police

Tane is finally allowed to take Felicity home after a torturous wait. Tane quickly regrets his reaction after initially blaming Eden for his wife’s assault due to his heightened emotions.

Eden arrives to Cash’s house and is evasive when asked why they lost the Battle of the Bands. Her actions perplex Cash, who is concerned that something is awry.

The next day, Felicity musters the courage to tell her brother the truth, and she finds solace in his encouraging response.

Felicity confides in Cash and chooses to call the police in the hopes of identifying her assailant.

The bomb explodes

Marilyn receives an ominous text, warning she has 24 hours to retract her accusations against Stunning Organics. Roo is convinced it’s an empty threat and replies on Marilyn’s behalf: “You don’t scare me”.

However, her actions have grave consequences and the mystery enemy sends Marilyn another threat, which says “TOO LATE” along with an image of the bomb.

Realising John and Roo have just driven off with the explosive device, Marilyn alerts Mali, who races after the pair in his van.

Hearing Mali’s screams to get out of the vehicle, John and Roo pull over, just as the bomb goes off. Have they made it out alive?

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