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11 huge Neighbours spoilers for next week

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We’re back with another year of Neighbours and the first order of business is to check in on Terese to see whether she met a grisly end at Lassiter’s.

Here are 11 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week as the soap makes its return for 2022.

Terese faces her family

Paul is able to reach a frail Terese in time and pulls her to safety after nearly losing her grip on the roof of Lassiters. She soon finds herself at the penthouse surrounded by family, who informs her that she has been drinking again.

While others begin to gather behind her, there is still a lot of conflict between Glen and Paul, and Paul does not appreciate Glen showing up to check on her. And then there’s the issue of Harlow…

Concern for Harlow grows

Harlow’s cold and merciless nature shows no signs of abating, and everyone is taken aback by how unconcerned she is that Terese is on the verge of dying. David, at a loss for what to do, speculates that she may be suffering from compassion fatigue as a result of her recent experiences.

When David attempts to speak with Harlow, she dismisses him and insists that she is OK. Will anyone be able to communicate with Harlow while she still has some friends?

Amy’s fantasy turns into a nightmare

Amy, Levi, and Ned are all back on the same page after all the stress and arguments their arrangement has generated recently, and the three of them spend an alcohol-fueled night back at her flat.

Amy then reveals that she had a dream in which the three of them were much closer than they had been up to this point, and the night concludes with all three of them heading to their own bedrooms. Amy’s daughter, however, arrives the next morning and is taken aback when she walks in…

Kyle’s choice of wedding planner ruffles feathers

Because Roxy is at work, Kyle is in charge of many of the wedding details, and his first step is to hire a wedding planner. Kyle, on the other hand, chooses Mick for the job, blissfully unaware of the numerous issues he has brought in Erinsborough, notably for Roxy.

Roxy will be enraged, Sheila warns him. Roxy is furious when she learns the truth. However, it appears that Roxy and Mick have something in common when it comes to organizing a lavish wedding.

Zara makes waves in Erinsborough

Amy is taken aback by Zara’s visit, and she decides to end her relationship after Zara makes it apparent that she does not approve. Zara, on the other hand, is clearly a troubled child, and she begins to exhibit alarming behavior patterns that Amy dismisses as the result of her being a teenager.

Toadie, on the other hand, is quick to see how she’s acting and attempts to get Amy to realize what’s going on, but will she recognize that her daughter requires some tough love?

Glen is alarmed when the ring vanishes

When Glen returns to his hotel room, he discovers that Terese’s wedding band is stolen. Panicked, he tells Chloe that he misplaced something, and she reveals that she saw Harlow near his room while housekeeping was clearing it.

While Harlow insists she did not enter the room, Glen is skeptical, but it appears she was telling the truth as Chloe is about to make a shocking discovery in the hotel’s laundry area…

Roxy has bridesmaids troubles

Roxy is looking forward to marrying Kyle, but she needs to round out her wedding party, which involves picking a maid of honor. She tries to persuade Harlow to take on the part, but she is too preoccupied with her own affairs to pay attention to her when she tries to talk to her about it.

Terese is her next choice, but she doesn’t think she’ll be able to take the burden given what she’s been through. Roxy must now make a decision.

Harlow spills the beans about Glen’s alcoholism

Harlow was surprised to see Glen enter an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting after following him, and she doesn’t hesitate to inform Paul and Leo what she’s learned.

This makes things hard for Glen when Leo questions him about why he accepted the position at the vineyard if he has an alcohol problem, and Glen tries to explain that it is something he can manage. Is he, however, being as truthful as he professes to be about the situation?

Terese is confused to get her ring back

Terese is taken aback when Chloe returns her ring, and she wonders how it made it all the way to Erinsborough after being lost in Queensland. While Glen keeps quiet about it to avoid arousing suspicion, Terese is encouraged to believe that because she was inebriated when she lost it, she could have carried it back with her without realizing it.

But how long will it take before the truth emerges that Glen had it all along?

Gemma’s return leads to a shock for Roxy

Roxy is overjoyed when Gemma returns to Erinsborough, and she takes no time in involving her in the wedding planning.

Things appear to be going well at first, with Gemma catching up with her ex Glen, but as the two women get some alone time, Gemma’s true thoughts emerge. She informs Roxy that she believes the wedding is a blunder and that she should cancel it. What will Roxy’s reaction be?

Glen and Terese grow closer

Glen is surprised when he sees Terese receiving a bottle of wine delivered, and he promises to stay with her to help her overcome the temptations. The two spend the evening playing cards and talking about their lives, and it quickly becomes evident that their bond is stronger than either of them realized.

Meanwhile, Paul drowns his grief by drinking and confiding in Sheila about everything that has transpired, but is he going to lose Terese to his brother for good?

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