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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

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On the upcoming episode of Home and Away, a smitten Tane declares his intention to foster little Maia.

In other scenes, Bree has Remi make a tough choice, while Cash begins a new career as a well-known movie star’s bodyguard.

This is the complete set of 14 incredible moments.

1. Theo’s drug addiction spirals

After seeing Kirby conversing with Rose, Valerie became alarmed and worries that she may have informed the police that she was giving narcotics to Theo.

Theo is recovering from his most recent binge the following morning when Justin informs him that he has an interview scheduled with the local radio station.

Panicking, Theo asks Valerie for another hit, saying he can’t handle the chat until he’s stoned.

2. Theo explodes at Valerie

Theo angrily reminds Valerie of all the times she’s turned to drugs to block off the memories of her brother’s passing when she refuses to give him any pills.

Though it’s too late, Theo instantly regrets his remark as a hurt Valerie storms off.

Kirby, meantime, observes with evident concern for the circumstances.

3. Valerie makes a foolish move

Valerie tries to reconcile with Kirby despite their past arguments. She swears she won’t mislead him and maintains that she has stopped giving Theo his medication.

Theo’s previous rudeness is also forgiven by Valerie, but he still has a drug task to complete.

Valerie gives in to pressure and gives Theo her dealer’s phone information, breaking her promise to Kirby.

4. Tane gives the baby a name

Tane is refusing to leave the newborn girl’s side as they stay at the hospital, having found her on the beach.

Tane is determined not to give up on the toddler the way her birth mother did, despite Mackenzie’s and Mali’s concerns that he has grown overly attached.

Tane chooses to name the kid Maia, which is the Māori word meaning “courage.”

5. Tane wants to become Maia’s carer

Tane offers his services right away when Rose and Harper think it’s time to consider placing Maia in foster care. However, Harper quickly deflates him by telling him that he is ineligible to foster because only citizens of Australia and permanent residents are eligible.

But Tane isn’t giving up and tells Mali he’ll submit an application for residence so he can take care of Maia in an emergency foster home.

Rose, in the meantime, calls for Maia’s mother to come out in a public speech.

6. Felicity makes a drastic decision

When Felicity learns that Tane is the one who found baby Maia, she is astonished and immediately goes to meet him.

When she gets to the hospital, she discovers her former partner holding Maia and serenading her with a soft Māori song.

Flick begins looking for ways to become a caregiver after finding out that Tane wants to take on Maia’s emergency caregiving responsibilities. What, though, is influencing her choice?

7. Cash talks sense into Felicity

When Felicity tells Cash she wants to become a foster parent, alarm bells start to go off.

She didn’t want children, which is why her marriage to Tane ended, so he wonders why she feels the need to care for Maia now.

Felicity is forced to acknowledge that fostering Maia wouldn’t be the right decision after realizing she’s only looking for a chance to make things right with Tane.

8. Bree issues Remi an ultimatum

When Remi gets his motorcycle back—which has been meticulously repaired and restored—he is ecstatic.

However, Bree isn’t as enthused as he is, especially after witnessing Remi get back into the car that nearly killed him.

Bree gives Remi a devastating choice: herself or the bike. Bree can’t handle the notion of him getting into another accident.

9. Remi makes his choice

Remi is furious with Bree because he believes she is depriving him of his independence by threatening to quit their relationship.

He gripes to Eden about his situation, but she wonders if he has truly given Bree’s thoughts any thought.

Remi informs Bree that he will give up his bike because he loves her more after finding his girlfriend. But will he be able to honor his word?

10. Cash gets a new job offer

Cash is ecstatic to hear that he has been hired for a personal protection position and that he will be having an in-person interview with his mystery client.

When Cash arrives at a beautiful boat moored at the pier, he learns that Stevie Marlow, an actress and the lead in the multiple award-winning horror movie Death Throes, will be his employer.

11. Cash’s interview is a disaster

Cash is informed by Stevie that she is being threatened and stalked and that she needs a reliable person to protect her.

Cash tells her to stop using social media and cancel any public appearances, but Stevie flatly refuses.

Feeling that it’s a waste of time, Cash thanks Stevie for the chance and turns to leave.

12. Cash starts working for Stevie

Later that day, Cash is taken aback when Stevie emerges from a luxurious limo that pulls up outside his house.

Stevie apologizes to Cash for her previous behavior and asks him if he’ll take the position. Cash says yes, but only if she abides by his conditions.

As Cash gets to work, he checks Stevie into a hotel so he can keep an eye on the property. However, as she keeps rejecting his professional advise, he quickly realizes he has a difficult task ahead of him.

13. John makes a surprise announcement

John unexpectedly tells his pals that he has chosen to officiate Justin and Leah’s wedding.

Marilyn and Irene wonder if he meets the requirements and, more crucially, if the couple approves.

However, John is not having any of it and is adamant that nothing will stop him.

14. Dana falls into a dangerous trap

When Peter, a Coastal News investigative reporter, shows up at the Surf Club seeking the inside word on baby Maia’s case, Alf is suspicious.

Alf shows him the door, but not before Peter changes into a new costume and walks over to Dana.

Peter uses seduction to get the nurse to reveal personal information about Maia and then leaves. Does Dana think back on stepping into Peter’s trap?

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