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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

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Heartbroken Tane is forced to part with baby Maia on Home and Away.

In other scenes, Cash receives a tip on the identity of Stevie Marlow’s covert stalker, and Mac and Levi almost get caught in the act.

This is the complete set of 14 incredible moments.

Cheating Levi wrestles with his guilt

Mac organizes another passionate meeting with Levi and takes the afternoon off from work.

Levi follows up with Eden in the interim, and she confides in him about the trust issues she still has as a result of their father’s affair.

That’s the last thing Levi wants to hear as he struggles with his own betrayal. Nevertheless, the two-timing doctor continues to return to Mac for more.

2. Mac and Levi have a close call

Mac pulls Levi in for a kiss as Levi confesses to her about Eden’s animosity towards their father.

They think Alf has spotted them when they see him passing by at that same moment.

Though Alf is thankfully more focused on the Coastal News story about newborn Maia, the couple is nevertheless unsettled by the near miss.

Mac and Levi decide to take a temporary break since they think it would be too dangerous to carry out their affair in the Bay.

3. Cash has his work cut out

Cash is struggling to control Stevie Marlow, the actress that hired him to keep her safe from an unidentified stalker.

obstinate Cash tries to talk Stevie into following his advice on staying safe, but when Paul, a new guard, starts working, Stevie begs him to stay.

Cash pushes back and declines, but when he wakes up the following morning, Stevie texts him to inform him that Paul has been poisoned.

4. Eden feels second best to Stevie

Rushing over to Stevie’s side, Cash is relieved to learn that Paul’s illness stems from a shaky kebab.

Cash cancels his plans with Eden since he knows that Stevie is clearly in trouble and wants to keep a watch on her.

The two have a great afternoon spent cooking together, but Eden feels abandoned and wonders why Cash is prioritizing Stevie above her.

5. Tane is front page news

Irene alerts Roo to the fact that Dana was duped into discussing baby Maia with Peter, the journalist from Coastal News.

When a harsh piece that attacks Tane for his “obsession” with Maia and calls Rose an inept police officer is published, their worst fears are realized.

Peter follows Tane to the hospital and discovers him feeding Maia as he goes back to obtain more information.

Before Rose shows up and sends Peter packing, tensions between the men start to build.

6. Roo makes a discovery

As Roo begins sorting through the donations for baby Maia, she comes across a bracelet bearing the name Poppy etched on it.

She gives it to the police because she believes it contains a hint that might help them figure out who Maia is.

Tane and Rose don’t hold the same beliefs as Roo. He claims that Maia’s birth mother would reveal her face if she had any concern.

7. Felicity reaches out to Tane

Concerned Felicity visits Tane to see how he’s doing as word of the newspaper piece spreads, finding him sitting in the middle of the row with Dana.

Dana offers an apology, which Tane angrily refuses. Tane then turns on Felicity and tells her to leave him alone.

Damaged, Realizing that it is no longer her responsibility to try to defend Tane, Felicity returns to Salt.

8. Tane is forced to give up Maia

Sarge calls Rose to let her know that Peter has filed a complaint against Tane.

Rose, compelled by her superior’s orders, tells Tane that he must leave Maia or else she would have to give him an AVO.

Returning to the gym, a furious Tane accuses Dana of being to blame for Maia’s independence.

9. Bree dumps Remi

Bree lavishes Remi with affection while blissfully oblivious to the fact that he broke his vow to part with his motorcycle.

But Remi owns up and says he never intended to sell his cherished car when the guilt becomes too great.

Bree informs him they’re done since she is devastated by his confession and feels no longer trusted.

10. Justin and Leah set the date

Justin is worried about history repeating itself and Leah’s impending return from the clinic.

Justin shares his worries with Leah when she gets home early, and he’s comforted by her composed demeanor and the fact that she’s wearing her engagement ring.

The pair, determined not to wait any longer, starts organizing their wedding and notifies their friends that they have decided to marry in one month.

11. Valerie falls off the wagon

When Valerie returns, Leah confronts her and demands to know why she failed to disclose that she had left the clinic.

Valerie assures Leah that everything is well and that she will follow up with her counselor.

But it doesn’t take long to see how serious her situation is, and when Valerie can no longer fight her demons, she asks Theo to get her more medication.

12. Justin’s suspicions about Valerie grow

Valerie guilt-trips Theo over her past traumas, and after that he grants her request.

When Kirby shows up right as Valerie’s high is starting and she can’t believe what she’s seeing, his sympathy backfires.

Justin witnesses Kirby berating Theo during their disagreement and promises to investigate the matter further.

13. Harper and Dana quarrel about the past

Harper tries to cheer Dana up, but it doesn’t work and they end up fighting in the midst of the Surf Club.

Harper is more sympathetic to the struggles their own mother went through, but Dana thinks that some kids are better off without their parents.

Though they have different perspectives, the sisters come together to safeguard Maia and express gratitude for one other.

14. Cash gets a breakthrough

Cash realizes how little he knows about Felicity when she questions him about his life as Stevie Marlow’s bodyguard.

Cash is enthralled by Felicity’s performance when they view Stevie’s film Death Throes together.

Suddenly, Cash notices some graffiti on the screen: the numerals 2346. He realizes then that he has previously seen these numbers on the police file that Stevie had shown him.

Will he begin to delve further?

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