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25 soap spoilers: EastEnders hostage horror, Coronation Street car crash tragedy, Emmerdale baby secret, Hollyoaks wedding chaos

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You’re in for a treat this week if you like your soap weddings with a dash of turmoil.

Naturally, Hollyoaks is the show to watch in this case as dramatic scenes play out as Nadira Valli and Shaq Qureshi get ready to walk down the aisle.

However, they’re not the only ones pondering getting married in soap opera land; Aadi Allan and Kelly Neelan of Coronation Street are also thinking about getting married in order to enter a contest.

What possibly could go wrong? A car crash follows, leaving us worried for the destiny of one individual, so obviously quite a lot.

While Stuart Highway in EastEnders takes severe action following a confrontation with Linda Carter, everyone in Emmerdale learns the truth about Amelia Spencer’s unborn child.

Check out the explosive nature of it for yourself.

You need not look any further if you simply cannot wait to see the compelling drama play out because Metro.co.uk is once again on standby to meet all of your soap opera cravings with up-to-date spoilers that are available for consumption.

Coronation Street

1.Alya visits Stu in prison, but Yasmeen’s entrance cuts short their visit. Stu gives Yasmeen the entire account of his liaison with Charlie now that Alya has left. Zeedan and Alya are informed by Yasmeen about Stu’s request that they speak with his attorney. Stu’s attorney Walter admits that Stu was forced into confessing. Since Stu is innocent and has nowhere to go, Alya puts pressure on Yasmeen to let him move back home.

2.Stephen advises Sarah to consider purchasing Carla out of her stake of the factory because she is obviously the factory’s business brain. He listens to Sarah’s business plans and agrees to assist her convince Carla that she is an expert in her field.

3.Kelly misrepresents her and Aadi as engaged after noticing a flyer for a contest to “Win a Dream Wedding,” but she tells Aadi that they won’t get married—they’ll just take a vacation. In order to win the game, Kelly and Aadi interrogate one another in depth, and they both confess to never having had a sexual connection. Aadi reaches out to kiss you. Aadi gives Kelly his mother’s engagement ring after enjoying their first sexual experience. Kelly is smitten, but events quickly change.

  1. Asha confronts Aadi about the wedding band. Aadi reassures her that he and Kelly are merely pretending to be engaged in order to win a vacation. However, Kelly overhears and throws the ring at Aadi before accelerating away in his brand-new vehicle. As Aadi searches for her, he stumbles discovers the automobile that has collided with a bollard.
  2. Although Summer notices Aaron watching, he assures her that he wasn’t spying on her. After that, she decides to make up for “ruining” their vacation.
  1. Bernie returns from her shopping trip with a stylish blazer for herself and Joseph’s new outfit. Gemma and Chesney persuade Bernie to return the jacket when she acknowledges that it was given to her inadvertently and was intended for someone else. A woman answers the phone at No. 5 and introduces herself as Fern. She says Bernie tried to take her expensive jacket.
  2. Glenda has an idea, and Sean offers to plan a farewell meal for Dylan on his last night! When Sean enters the restaurant, he finds Glenda and Mary had invited James to Dylan’s party. James’ suggestion to play soccer before dinner


  1. Linda seeks refuge in The Vic following a fight with Stuart at the NA/AA meeting, much to Janine’s dismay. Mick steps in to help Linda. After Annie takes her first steps in front of Linda and Mick, Linda becomes upset over the possibility of being separated from Annie. They almost share a kiss, but Jada stops them!
  2. Mick and Janine flirt, but Mick is preoccupied with Linda. He encourages Linda to check her call history online while he asks Linda to describe the specifics of the accident in an effort to provide support. Mick quickly learns that Linda called The Vic that evening, which causes Janine to become alarmed.
  1. Stuart stops taking his antidepressant prescription and goes in search of a drug dealer, which sets up the confrontation with Linda and later Mick. When Mick denies him the chance to apologize to Linda, he goes to the doctor’s office, but when he is unable to get an appointment, he resorts to extreme measures. As things get worse, Bernie tries to assist Stuart, but will she be successful?
  2. Stuart continues to struggle with his health and seeks support from those around him as he faces his diagnosis.
  1. Lily is annoyed by Amy and Denzel’s flirtation as Lily, Nugget, Denzel, and Amy plan a trip to the movies. Later, at Denise’s birthday party, Stuart’s bag of narcotics spills out of Jada’s handbag, and after Denise confiscates them, Lily grabs the pills. Amy takes half a tablet in a desperate attempt to impress Denzel. Soon after realizing the narcotics are gone, Denise and Jack start looking for the group. Just as Amy is about to pass out, they come upon her!
  2. Martin prods Lily to discover how Amy obtained the medicines. He confronts Howie, adamant that Denzel gave Lily to him.
  3. Billy tells Finlay that Honey is the only lady for him when he is admiring Finlay’s charisma and assurance at the stall. Finlay is unsure about what he can do to assist.


Chas and Al enjoy a sensitive moment after a passionate night in a hotel, and it’s obvious that their relationship is developing on an emotional as well as a physical level. They had no idea that Belle has seen their private moment, though! When Belle admits that she saw them at the hotel and knows about their relationship, Chas and Al are embarrassed. Will Chas be able to persuade Belle to keep quiet?

Faith is having trouble while walking in the country with Chas, but she pauses to say that she would like a celebration before it’s too late. Later, when the party starts, everyone becomes more at ease when Faith sings her karaoke song. At first, things are awkward. However, things take a depressing turn as Faith falters. Chas lashes out at Paddy in frustration, but their focus soon shifts when a nurse shows up to take them to visit a bewildered Faith who claims she can’t see clearly.

Amelia is thrilled when Noah asks if he may go to her scan with her, and she gasps in astonishment when the sonographer reveals her unborn child. The friendship between Noah and Amelia develops, but when Harriet witnesses them kissing, she is shocked and tells Dan about it. Dan then beats Noah in public, which causes Amelia’s pregnancy to be made known.

Sandra questions Liv about her asexuality and the problems it can bring up in her marriage, sowing doubts in her mind about Gabby and Vinny’s unexpected closeness. Liv watches Vinny and Gabby as they converse, much to Sandra’s amusement, as she gets into her thoughts.

Will Faith be able to convince Zak to reconsider his decision to spend time alone with his memories of Lisa since he is unable to handle the tragedy of her final party?

Mack and Charity share a thoughtful moment.


. When Peri sees Juliet and Nadira together, she chastises them for keeping their relationship a secret from Shaq. To Peri’s dismay, Nadira and Juliet claim that nothing is happening, and she apologizes for drawing premature assumptions. Things, however, take a dramatic turn when Peri realizes she was misled and decides to stop the wedding.

The big day for Nadira and Shaq approaches, but as the wedding is getting underway, the couple realizes they aren’t sure they want to follow through on their pledge. Following revelations of secrets and vows of love, Shaq and Nadira are forced to explain a lot to their visitors.

James discovers that being Norma’s ruthless sidekick has its benefits when he receives a sizable paycheck the next week. He’s so overwhelmed that he decides to rinse Norma first before double-crossing her!

. Vicky seems to be ignoring Joseph, so he seeks attention elsewhere by approaching Serena. As a result of a series of events, he decides to spend the night with her. The following morning, Serena helps Joseph slip out of her house, but Sid and Lizzie discover them despite Serena’s best efforts.

When Imran throws a tray of food off the balcony, Sid begins to realize that Imran has an eating disorder. But will Imran talk about his struggles?

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