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7 huge Home and Away questions after this week’s Australian episodes

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Home and Away aired a busy week of episodes in Australia, revisiting the woes of Jasmine Delaney, Angelo Rosetta eventually learning the truth about Taylor ‘s affair, and Nikau Parata in Summer Bay imagining his future.

After the new episodes, here are seven big questions that we were left with

Can Jasmine accept Christian?

In recent months, Jasmine has worked tirelessly to get her life back on track, but when she saw how close Tori was coming to newcomer Christian, her confidence took a hit this week.

Although Jasmine had previously urged Tori to go with Christian for it, when she observed a joyful family-like scene at the beach for Tori, Christian, and baby Grace, she was unsettled.

Afterwards, Jasmine became withdrawn and troubled, but once she was motivated to speak up about what concerned her, she confessed that in Grace ‘s life she dreaded Christian “replacing” Robbo.

With a transparent and frank talk, Jasmine and Tori later attempted to work things out, but could the current Jas / Tori / Christian relationship still face any problems in the weeks ahead?

How much will Angelo hear on that necklace?

When he learned the truth about Taylor ‘s affair with Colby, Angelo made a creepy move. Instead of contacting divorce attorneys, Angelo determined that his next option was to pretend that all was perfect and gave Taylor a new necklace “kindly” with a secret audio bug inside. Huh. Yikes.

Angelo was pleased to know that he now had the best way to listen to all of the private interactions between Taylor and Colby.

The ruthless investigator still knows everything about the scandal, but could he be guided to more revelations in the coming days by this listening device? I ‘m sure we’re not going to advise Colby to tell Taylor the truth about Ross while the necklace is on …

Has Dean lost Jai forever?

The triple bill of episodes on Thursday concentrated on the ever-worsening bonds between Dean and Amber, as they failed to settle on what was better for Jai. Fed up with Amber calling all the shots, by abducting Jai, Dean made a dangerous pass.

Dean intended to take Jai off to Queensland so that they could start a new life together, but when he learned how much Jai would miss Amber, he had second thoughts. Colby was also on hand to speak to Dean with some logic, warning him of the repercussions of a life with Jai on the run.

When Jai came back to her after a night apart, Amber was relieved, but she was adamant that there would be no forgiveness for Dean and he would never see Jai again. Will she hold to this vow after her rage has subsided or give Dean one more chance?

Will Nikau leave Summer Bay?

This week, Home and Away wrapped up one of the greatest loose ends, eventually revealing why Gemma Parata’s departing character won’t be returning. Gemma wanted to remain full-time in New Zealand, preferring to be close to her mum, who’s growing older now.
Gemma didn’t want to be without her son, so she invited Nikau to come to New Zealand and live with her. He gave the term some serious thought, considering Nikau’s close friendship with his two uncles and his good romance with Bella. Will Nikau and Bella be broken apart now, or will Nik decide that Summer Bay is where his future lies?

What has happened to Tane?

Tane made a trip out of the bay to find someone who might take some stolen goods out of his possession, but obviously his plan went horribly wrong. Tane contacted Ziggy after days of radio silence, but she could hardly hear him in the middle of what appeared to be a wild and dangerous scene in the distance. The line went dead at the end.

Episodes next week will see Tane back home with a head injury and stomach pain. Even, an immediate trip to the hospital will show that he has a tear in his liver. During his period abroad, what exactly did Tane get up to?

Can Ziggy and Willow get rid of the stolen goods?

After Tane refused to clear up his own mess, Ziggy and Willow took matters into their own hands. Tane had pulled the garage into his illegal operation, and later Ziggy ‘s house, because he wanted a place to store a stolen van and the items inside.

Ziggy asked Willow to help instead, with Tane AWOL and apparently making little progress in finding anyone to fix the problem. When Willow reached out to a dodgy source from her background and met someone who would be able to take the incriminating objects, she was hugely relieved.

Ziggy and Willow hastily planned a road trip to fix the problem, with Ziggy secretly hoping that the police wouldn’t stop them on the way. Is their goal going to be a success?

Will Tori and Christian’s relationship go further?

Tori spent weeks with Christian in a spin around her love chemistry. She overanalyzed things following an uncomfortable first date where Christian didn’t reach in for a kiss when they said goodnight.

As Tori later asked Christian on this, he took a much more forward attitude by attempting to book for them to sleep together in a while. His straightforward response shocked Tori, but would she be tempted to take their romance to the next level?

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