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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Is Memphis Smith Breaking The Law By Ignoring Judge’s Decree? – Hamza Moknii’s Sister Says So

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Since they appeared together in season 5 of the 90 Day Fiancé show, viewers have witnessed Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii’s romance develop. After getting married in Tunisia, the relationship between the couple unexpectedly deteriorated.

After Memphis gave birth to their first child, the two relocated to the United States, and reports about the couple’s breakup following the birth of their daughter quickly spread. Hamza revealed to the public that he had left Memphis’ home and frequently expressed his regret at not being with his daughter.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Hamza’s Sister Claims Her Sister-In-Law Is Ignoring A Judge’s Rule

Both of them have been sending cryptic messages, which admirers have struggled to decipher, but neither has addressed the reports that their relationship has ended. Memphis deleted all of her partner’s photos from her social media page and added the hashtag “#singlemom” to one of her posts. Hamza stated in May that he was prohibited from discussing his connection with his girlfriend due to contractual commitments, but he vowed that he will soon spill the beans.

However, Rawia, Hamza’s sister, has chosen to inform the public of the family’s recent events. Despite a judge’s order allowing him to see his daughter, Rawia stated that her brother’s wife forbade him from doing so. She questioned whether this was a fair course of action. “I want to know something,” she said. Is it common in America for someone to disregard a judge’s decision because in Tunisia, doing so could result in penalties? She continued by saying that her brother has endured a great deal, and she does not enjoy how being separated from his daughter causes him even more suffering.

Fans have voiced their anger with this news, and many have done so on numerous social media channels. Children should never be used as weapons, one Reddit user opined. If this is true, Memphis is being really s**ty. Memphis is such an unattractive little human both inside and out, said another program watcher. Many admirers can’t contain their anger over the three-parent mother.

Some fans have seen a connection between Memphis’ failure to treat males with respect and the absence of a father figure in her children’s life. As a result, others have advised Hamza to hire a reputable attorney and request a DNA test. Fans have a lot of pity for Hamza because of how tolerant and helpful he has been to Memphis, who doesn’t know how to maintain their relationship.

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