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After a beloved villager is framed by a newcomer, Emmerdale makes a double “exit”

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Nate Robinson, an Emmerdale resident, is likely to get into trouble after lying to Caleb Milligan.

As the couple continues to face financial difficulties, Nate Robinson of Emmerdale (played by Jurell Carter) will do all it takes to support his wife Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and their infant daughter.

Nate’s position on the farm is in jeopardy, and Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb) is also struggling to keep her company afloat, which adds even more strain.

Nate might wind himself in jail, according to ITV’s official spoilers, since he got entangled with the wrong people.

Nate has been given further work by Caleb Milligan (Will Ash), along with newbies Corey (Kyle Rowe) and Harry (Robert Beck).

However, when Nate decides to lie to Caleb about the company he is engaged in, things are about to take an unexpected turn.

Corey is given control of Nate by Caleb for training, and Corey assures Nate that there are further ways to earn money on the side.

When Harry, a new client, shows there, he is fascinated by Nate. Soon after, the farmer returns with a sizable tip and is pleased to tell Corey that Caleb doesn’t need to know.

The following day, Caleb asks Nate to watch over Corey since he thinks he’s up to something sketchy.

Nate quickly finds out that Corey’s arrangement with Harry isn’t entirely legitimate after some investigation, but he decides to keep it quiet for the extra money.

Later, Nate lies to Caleb about how Corey isn’t doing anything wrong in an effort to get a pay hike.

Nate, however, alerts Corey of Caleb’s suspicions in the Woolpack in an effort to get out of a sketchy employment with Harry.

However, Corey warns that it would be even worse for them to offend Harry.

Tracy (Amy Walsh) is happy that Nate seems to be succeeding at work, but will Nate be able to escape this shady double-dealing?

Nate’s involvement in the venture is unknown, but may either Corey or Harry wind up framing him?

If so, the Emmerdale fan favourite might be on the way out.

Bad news may also result from Nate betraying Caleb; could they both be imprisoned for their shady dealings?

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