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After a double death, Emmerdale fans “work out” a Gabby Thomas stalker twist.

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The shocking deaths of Rishi Sharma and Lloyd Sawyer, which were featured in the ITV soap in the same week, are being accepted by the residents of Emmerdale.

Fans of Emmerdale are certain that a stalker plot involving Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), who is still in love with her ex Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope), is taking place in the Yorkshire Dales.

Nicky was supposed to wed Gabby earlier this summer, but just before she was about to walk down the aisle, he came out as gay and said he couldn’t go through with it.

Although Gabby was understandably devastated, she is finding it difficult to allow Nicky to move on with his life after witnessing his closeness to a new love interest.

Gabby accidently hit Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) on Thursday’s dramatic episode of the soap opera as she attempted to attack Nicky in a fit of intoxicated wrath.

She wanted to kiss Billy as he comforted her, but he turned her down because he is married to Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley).

Fans were worried that despite making a move on Billy, she would end up becoming Nicky’s stalker because she is still not over him.

Gabby is a resentful, spoiled brat, according to Rhys Thompson in a tweet. It appears as though she is pursuing Nicky Emmerdale.

“Gabby needs to have some self-respect, keep picking on Nicky, she’s embarrassing herself,” wrote Teena on Twitter. “#emmerdale.”

“Gabby needs to get over herself,” Jinz stated. She is not the first person to discover her gay fiancé on their wedding day in #Emmerdale.

It was noted by @TellyvsPodcasts that Gabby “does not remember she inappropriately threw herself at Nicky for at least a month when he was an employee, before he gave in, but she love bombed him in the first instance #emmerdale.”

Danni wrote on Twitter, “Gobby Gabby coming across really spiteful now needs to get over it already #Emmerdale.”

Mary, in the meantime, wrote: “Never realised how much loss/hurt Gabby had experienced. But screenwriters are mistreating her character so gravely. Please give her a break; she’s a smart, original character who deserves it. #Emmerdale.”

In another scene from the episode, Dan Spencer (Liam Fox), who injured Lloyd Sawyer (Matt Sutton)’s skull, was declared dead by medical personnel.

His shocking passing occurs one week after Rishi Sharma’s (Bhasker Patel), which caused viewers to sob uncontrollably.

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