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After Oz’s Death, Portia Connects the Hook Attacks to Trina — and Esme Sneaks Into Wyndemere

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An officer calls in a dead John Doe discovered on the docks as Oz’s body is placed in a body bag and taken to the pier. Although there doesn’t seem to be a stab wound, he claims, the medical examiner should provide further information. Esme shows up in her black hoodie after the police leave. The woman comments, “Bad for you Oz, but fantastic for me,” as she stares at the chalk outline. She searches her suitcase and takes out some cash, which she believes will last her the rest of the day. “Wyndemere, here I come,” she then exclaims.

At the Metro Court Gardens for Brando’s funeral reception, Sonny and Nina show there. As Willow welcomes Michael, she encourages him to keep telling himself that today is all about Brando, Sasha, and Gladys. Olivia, Gladys, and Sasha enter first, followed by Maxie, Dante, and Sam. Sonny and Nina both embrace Sasha. Sasha remarks that the location is lovely and breaks down in tears when she sees a picture of Brando.

Michael tells Willow he can no longer continue to watch while Nina and Sonny converse with Sasha and Gladys and leaves to fetch a drink. While waiting, TJ offers Willow a club soda and tells her to get drinking. Sonny assembles everyone and toasts Brando.

In a private conversation with Olivia, Nina begs the woman not to pursue her today for Sasha’s sake. Olivia just wanted to compliment her on the beautiful and well-done set-up. Nina is grateful for the comment.

Nina can’t help but keep looking over at them as TJ checks on Willow. TJ is told by Willow that Nina is observing them and believes they are having an affair. TJ is in awe. Willow advises him not to let it affect him, but Nina simply holds everyone to her poor standards. In another location, Michael envelops Sasha and promises to be there for her in case of need.

Sam and Dante talk about Sasha and how she’s coping with her loss. More than ever, he is driven to discover who was responsible. While Maxie borrows Sam briefly, Michael goes up to Dante and asks him to help him find the subject of his investigation. Michael continues by informing Dante of what Sonny did to Dex. They are meant to be here for Sasha, so Dante urges him to put this on hold for today.

Sasha appreciates TJ and Willow’s attendance and acknowledges how much Brando valued the reconciliation between him and TJ. Willow snoops around with Sasha in private. Sasha realizes she thought she couldn’t handle her having a kid, but she apologizes for not being there for her more. Willow acknowledges that although her life appears to be ideal, there are some bumps in the road. Sasha admits that losing Harmony and learning she wasn’t her actual mother have been difficult experiences for her. They embrace, with Willow feeling blessed to have a friend like her.

TJ thanks Nina for helping Sasha, but he questions why she would snoop around and imply a romantic relationship between him and Willow. Nina merely states that whatever is happening, he doesn’t want Michael to be an adversary.

Sonny inquires about Gladys. Gladys has made the decision to return to Bridgeport. She has been many things in Sonny’s experience, but never a coward. She can’t leave because Sasha needs her, he claims, and only she and Sasha are aware of each other’s suffering. He guarantees to always be there for them and to treat her like family.

Later, Gladys compliments Nina for her efforts today and advises Sonny to make amends with Michael while he still has the chance rather than repeating her mistakes. She feels fortunate that she was able to get back in touch with Brando.

Later, Nina advises Michael to take Willow home because Willow seems worn out. Willow tells TJ she’s alright and requests a ride home. Sonny asks Nina to wait while he speaks to Michael alone before they go. Sonny explains to him Gladys’ advise to mend their relationship before it’s too late after Nina departs from them.

Dex’s door is pounded by Joss. He opens it, showing a damaged chest and an open dress shirt. She walks in and remarks that given his state, he ought to be in the hospital. She jokingly asks if he will button his shirt or if this is his outfit for the day. Joss buttons it for him because he is physically incapable to doing so due to his swollen hands. She wants him to give her a gift in return by making sure Sonny never again abuses anyone, but he thanks her nonetheless.

Dex reiterates his desire to avoid involving the police. Joss remarks that she sounds like her brother and declares that Sonny must be eliminated. How do you know that I sound like my brother, Joss? Dex only states that she is aware of Michael’s problems with his father, but Sonny stands up for those who are important to him. He is being betrayed by Sonny just like he does everyone else, according to Joss, who believes he is deluded and wishes him luck in realizing this before it’s too late. “Son of a bitch,” Dex yells as she walks away.

Dante shows up after Joss departs to question Dex about what transpired to him.

After receiving Jordan’s message, Curtis visits her office. She presents the divorce papers to him in an envelope. She filed them, and he can show Portia the receipt. Curtis still finds it hard to believe she lost the original documents. She merely admits that, as seen by their failed marriage, she is fallible. Jordan understands how much he appreciates honesty and wants him to be content with Portia. He observes that she continues to pretend as though there were a reason why he and Portia won’t get along. Jordan mentions Trina, but a call cuts her off. Jordan finds out about the latest assault.

Ava meets with Portia for a checkup at the hospital. Since that, Portia confides in Ava that she worries about her, especially after she shut the gallery that holds such a precious place in her heart. Ava had to do it for both Trina’s and her own security. Portia is simply relieved to be staying in a secure location like Wyndemere. She is informed by Ava that she is actually residing with Nina, who is under Sonny’s protection. Ava is still in love with Nikolas, despite Portia’s admission that she has no feelings for either Nikolas or Spencer. She only wants Ava to leave Nikolas for good and never turn around.

Amy stops them and informs them that another person was attacked and his body was brought in as a John Doe, but she identified him as the bartender from Trina’s trial. Amy notices Ava leaving as Portia does. Ava rushes into the elevator out of panic.

Portia goes to Curtis’ desk in Jordan’s office. She names Oz Haggerty as the most recent victim. Portia is also aware that Trina is connected to three of the victims. Brando doesn’t match the relationship, Jordan argues. Curtis exclaims, “Unless…” Jordan recalls that Joss was in the alley that evening, and Brando might not have been been the intended victim.

Nikolas places some papers in his safe in Wyndemere. Victor expects that his divorce judgment will be shortly added to that collection of documents. They argue about Nikolas loving Ava, and Nikolas claims his uncle will never fully get their relationship because he has never had true love. Victor responds that he has had genuine passion and that which he will never know. Nikolas chuckles as he says his relationship with Obrecht was an obsession.

When Esme arrives outside, the locks have been changed. She won’t let it deter her, though.

Victor and Nikolas are arguing inside when they hear someone enter. Ava is promptly dragged into the living room as Victor checks the foyer. What is she doing here, Nikolas wonders. He receives an update on the deceased bartender from Ava. She was going to receive some of her clothes as well, but Nikolas directs the staff to wrap her belongings and send them to Nina’s place instead. Nikolas appreciates her for the advice. Ava is seen off by Victor.

Esme slips inside the open mansion as Ava and Victor head to the launch. She goes to the safe and opens it by entering Spencer’s birthday as the combination. “Who the heck are you!” shouts Nikolas as he approaches.

Dante questions Dex about how he obtained those injuries in the upcoming General Hospital. Dex is unsure of his legal needs. Trina confides in Ava her fear of the worse occurring. Nikolas should work harder the next time, Esme gloats to him. Victor assures Lucy of his undivided attention. Valentin requests Nina’s assistance. Michael is asked by Sonny if they can reach a compromise.

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