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Amelia is horrified as a character returns to “bring her down” in this Emmerdale spoiler video.

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In upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) will once again encounter Julie.

Lloyd’s wife Julie is currently visiting him in the hospital after Dan (Liam Fox) hit him in the face.

Watching Amelia’s social media videos, we are aware that Lloyd travelled to the village. The ominous man claimed he could assist Amelia in building her platform, but his true motives were simply to hang around with the adolescent.

Dan tried to warn Lloyd, but when he didn’t get the message, he slapped him out of frustration, forcing Lloyd to stumble backward and hit his head on a rock.

Julie, who thought Lloyd was a decent, industrious member of the community and most definitely not the pervert Amelia and Dan were making him out to be, was the first person we saw after Lloyd was taken to the hospital.

Amelia had previously been addressed by Julie, who was still adamant that Lloyd was well and that he watched young people on social media because he frequently felt lonely and enjoyed to see them live their lives.

In this new film, Julie returns to confront Amelia after being heard in The Hide vowing to do whatever it takes to bring the adolescent down.

She quips that Amelia is probably unaware of the paternity of her child and expresses doubt on her decision to erase her social media profiles.

Julie has the erroneous idea of who Lloyd and Amelia are. Amelia maintains her composure during the conversation and insists that she is not at all to fault, but she sees Lloyd as the victim and not her.

What will Amelia do following the plea hearing if Dan is sentenced to prison?

Will Julie ever recognise Lloyd for who he truly is?

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