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As Patrick Trueman must make a significant choice, a legendary character from EastEnders returns.

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Patrick Trueman of EastEnders has been a fan favourite since he first appeared in Albert Square in 2001, but when a familiar face returns to Walford, it’s going to change things up for him.

Angela Wynter’s character Yolande Trueman will soon return to Albert Square.

Yolande, who was married to Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) before their separation in 2009, will be remembered by longtime EastEnders viewers.

However, Patrick has recently begun seeing Yolande, and according to official BBC soap opera spoilers, his ex-wife will return and give him a challenging choice.

Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) enlists Patrick to give relationship advice in her most recent Kimfluencer video in yet-to-air sequences.

Unwilling Patrick begins giving relationship advice on camera before Yolande, a special guest, interrupts him.

Yolande explains that Patrick is hesitant and doubts whether it would be a good idea for him to take her in after her boyfriend Anton kicked her out.

Patrick is at a loss for what to do as Yolande storms out in anger as Kim questions his lack of effort to win back his former.

Denise Fox (Diane Parish), in the meantime, tries to persuade her to remain.

Following a heart-to-heart with Yolande, Denise encourages Patrick to use the occasion to express his love for her before she departs permanently.

Patrick must choose between risking his heart and letting his true love return to Birmingham with a man she doesn’t love.

Patrick and Yolande discuss whether they are each other’s future or just ghosts from the past as they converse in the laundrette.

Could they reconcile after so many years?

Yolande moved in with Patrick to live in Walford after they first met during a holiday romance, and the two later got married.

For many years, they were happily married, but sadly, their romance did not last.

Despite being one of Walford’s most adored pairs, the couple split up in 2009 when Yolande made the decision to go.

Since then, Patrick has been married, though the union was short-lived. Recently, Patrick has been thinking a lot about his marriage to Yolande.

If the couple does get back together, Yolande might reappear as a long-term fixture on the Square.

Will Patrick choose to take the risk in order to spend the rest of his days with Yolande?

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