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As the star of Emmerdale hints, Charity Dingle has an awful plot for Mackenzie Boyd.

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Fans of Emmerdale may already be anticipating this year’s “Super Soap Week,” an annual event in October that always rocks the village with more drama, twists, and calamities.

After the turmoil involving her and Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), Emma Atkins’ character Charity Dingle teased “vengeance” for her Emmerdale character.

When questioned about her role in this year’s Super Soap Week, Emma hinted that Charity would seek retribution.

Could the two ladies decide to take drastic measures that could result in Mackenzie’s murder, especially because Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) is reportedly also involved?

I’m quite excited, Emma exclaimed. It just so happens that I can’t participate in all Super Soap Weeks.

We’ve achieved the goal of being in the centre of a large storm that isn’t actually brewing.

She continued, saying to Digital Spy, “Right now [Charity] is in a really angry frame of mind.

“In terms of: how could she possibly have permitted this guy to have done what he’s done? I think there is definitely vengeance on the horizon.

She is experimenting with it, and her family and friends are advising her to just walk away from the situation and move on. She says, “No!”

Emma continued by saying that Charity will be dealing with the problems that had left her “broken”.

She said, “It’s not going away, it’s not dying down.”

After learning that her husband Mackenzie had an affair with Chloe, who eventually gave birth to his kid, Charity was devastated.

The couple’s relationship was irreparably harmed once she eventually learned, thus Mackenzie made the choice to start seeing Chloe.

The three will be in the spotlight during the dramatic Super Soap Week; with Emma threatening retaliation, may Mackenzie die as a result?

Perhaps the two women decide to unite in opposition to Mackenzie, who has previously treated them both poorly.

Could the pair decide to become buddies and kill the bad guy this October?

They might be trying to scare Mackenzie away, but if that happens, how will the Emmerdale women handle the tragedy?

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