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As they prepare to flee the community, beloved characters from Emmerdale take three exits.

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EXCLUSIVE: After Lloyd Sawyer’s passing on the ITV soap, Emmerdale’s Spencer family must make a significant choice.

Liam Fox and Daisy Campbell’s characters Amelia and Dan Spencer from Emmerdale are getting ready to flee with their infant daughter Esther in an effort to stay together as a family.

When Amelia’s stalker Lloyd Sawyer (Matt Sutton) was found dead in the hospital a few weeks after Dan attacked him, their world was flipped upside down.

The Spencer family’s triple exit has now been hinted to by Daisy and Liam, who portray Amelia and Dan, respectively, on the ITV soap opera.

Liam explained the Spencers’ decision to flee to Express.co.uk and other media, saying: “He doesn’t originally want to do it, he doesn’t believe it’s at all a good idea after discussing it with Amelia.

He simply believes there is no way out of this, he can’t bear the idea of living without his daughter and granddaughter, and he recognizes he won’t be at all comfortable living in a prison.

So, it appears that the only choice is for him to flee.

Viewers of Emmerdale may remember that last month, after finding Lloyd talking to Amelia in the village, Dan knocked him out cold.

Before being sent to the hospital in a critical state, Lloyd fell to the ground and struck his head on a rock.

On Thursday’s episode of the soap opera, Lloyd was declared dead after having been in a coma for some time, and Dan is now being accused of manslaughter.

When asked if this would be the Spencers’ final appearance on ITV, Liam said, “Who knows, who knows? Possibly for a while, conceivably never.

“I don’t know, but there will undoubtedly be some changes, but we’ll just have to wait and see,” the speaker said.

Will Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley’s) assistance in their scheme to emigrate to Ireland be successful?

Daisy commented, in reference to their escape from the Yorkshire Dales, “I don’t know how they could stay in the village.

Dan is in danger, and she doesn’t want to be separated from her father.

According to the actress, her character is supported by her father and only has Dan and her daughter as companions.

She continued, “Apart from Noah Dingle and Mandy [Dingle], her dad is her main support system, so I think it all stems from not being able to cope without her dad and that is why they’ve only got one option to go on the run.”

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