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Ben Mitchell’s EastEnders sadness at the revelation of his bulimia problem

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Ben Mitchell of EastEnders has experienced a lot in the past year, including being raped, Lola Pearce’s death, and having to care for his daughter Lexi.

Ben Mitchell from EastEnders, portrayed by Max Bowden, isn’t one to express his emotions and will frequently suffer in silence. He has been doing this with his battle with bulimia, but he will soon have a confidante.

Ben struggled to deal with the trauma he had undergone and started restricting his diet and exercising a lot earlier this year.

Ben has been attempting to manage his bulimia on his own rather than talking to his loved ones or his partner Callum Highway (Tony Clay).

According to official spoilers, Callum and Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) joke about Ben’s lack of appetite while they are in the Vic.

They are oblivious of Ben’s ongoing battle with bulimia and have no idea how their jokes would affect him in the future.

Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), noticing that he is visibly uncomfortable with their comments, picks up on his aversion to food.

Will she be able to persuade him to disclose the full extent of his illness? Could this be Ben’s path to recovery if he is able to open up to Honey?

When Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), his wife, was told she had a brain tumour, he began to suffer as she frantically sought ways to extend her life and support their daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown).

He then encountered a policeman who informed him that Lewis Butler (Aidan O’Callaghan) had been detained for raping another man.

Ben was distraught because Lewis, who had sexually assaulted him the year before, was never held accountable.

Ben’s bulimia developed as a result of all the pressure on him, but hopefully Honey is the perfect person to turn to for help.

2019 saw Honey battle bulimia on her own, making her the ideal person to assist Ben in his recovery.

During the Walford wife exchange, she told Ash Panesar (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) the truth about her sickness and related how she had gone through a similar situation when she was a teen.

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