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Cameron Daddo and Alison Brahe’s 30-year marriage was healed in this video.

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They’ve been through thick and thin together and come out the other side stronger.

When it comes to his relationship with former model Alison Brahe, actor Cameron Daddo once told Woman’s Day: “anything you can throw at a marriage – we’ve done it”. 

“We’ve lived in multiple countries, we’ve had kids, and we’ve been separated and we’ve been bankrupt,” Alison said.

But despite being faced with many obstacles, their love story has persisted and come out the other side stronger than ever.

The attraction between Cameron and Alison was immediate. They first met on an escalator in a shopping mall when they caught eyes and instantly recognized each other. They were eventually introduced by a common acquaintance and began dating shortly after.

Cameron only had to get down on one knee after three months. While the couple was adamant that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, others advised them to take a break.

“It was a bit rough there for a while,” Cameron told WHO. “Even my brother, Lochie, asked, ‘What are you doing? You barely know her.”


In 1991, however, no amount of family involvement could stop Cameron and Alison from walking down the aisle. Soon after their wedding, the newlyweds packed their belongings and moved to Los Angeles so Cameron could pursue his acting career.

It was a major change, and the industry’s arduous nature meant that money was becoming increasingly scarce.

“Cameron told the No Filter podcast in 2017 that “it got really tense for a while on multiple occasions.” “Then something would happen, and you’d forget there was a time when we only had $100 in the bank since everything was fine now.””

And financial problems weren’t the only hurdle the couple faced. In 2019, Cameron revealed he was unfaithful to his wife early on in his career in 1994.

“You don’t get to 28 years of marriage without a hell of a lot of work and struggles – and a fair chunk of pain and tears,” admitted the ’90s Aussie cover girl.

“But you do receive a lot of learning — you learn forgiveness and you develop a lot as a person. We didn’t want someone to believe their marriage or relationship was bad because of ours.”

Cameron and Alison returned to Australia in 2017 after 25 years in Los Angeles, where they currently live in Sydney’s Northern Beaches with their three children, Lotus, 25, Bodhi, 15, and River, 21.

For the couple, their parenting commitments always trump any professional gigs.

“As far as work goes, if something conflicts with a family event like a birthday or a graduation, I’ve always been clear with producers about what dates I need out so I can be present,” the Home & Away alum told WHO of juggling his business and his children.

While Cameron and Alison were ready to marry only three months of dating, their parents recently told WHO that if their children followed in their footsteps, they would have concerns.

“There would be a lot more talking about that now. I wouldn’t try and talk them out of it, but maybe ask what is the rush? But we know when you’re in the first flush of love, common sense goes out the window.”

Having recently celebrated 30 years of marriage, it’s clear that their love can overcome anything.

In a gushing anniversary Instagram post to Ali, Cameron deemed their relationship “a true dance of love”.

“I knew the from our …second date that I wanted to spend my life with you and I am so grateful you’ve chosen to hang in there with me and ride the see-saw of life… we both know the game lasts as long as both players are willing to make the necessary adjustments… and you’ve had to make a million of them.

“I stopped counting how many houses we’ve lived in when it hit a dozen, and I think we’ve done pretty well to raise three wonderful children… Throughout it all, you’ve maintained the sharpest wit, the largest and warmest heart, and the finest laugh of anyone I know.

“We’ve lit the fire, burned it, and stoked it again many times, ours is a profound love… I appreciate your tenacity and love in all of its manifestations.

“Also, it was me that took your phone charger this morning 😞but I did take the recyclables out… again. You know it’s the little gestures. ❤️ I love you 🙌🥂❤️.”

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