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Cain Dingle from Emmerdale reveals a rarely seen compassionate side in order to defend another family.

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On the ITV serial opera Emmerdale, resident hard-man Cain Dingle rarely displays his gentler side, but that is about to change in upcoming scenes.

Cain Dingle from Emmerdale, played by Jeff Hordley, is ready to show his sensitive side to ITV fans as a devastating storyline develops.

Liam Fox’s character Dan Spencer and Daisy Campbell’s character Amelia are preparing to flee the community with their infant daughter Esther.

Amelia worries that Dan may be imprisoned after just putting her stalker Lloyd Sawyer (Matt Sutton) in the hospital.

Cain, Dan’s coworker, is prepared to assist the Spencers in upcoming scenes, according to ITV spoilers.

Dan is intending to run to Ireland with his family in an effort to avoid going to jail, and Cain is going to give him a burner phone, a car and ferry tickets there.

Dan is pleasantly surprised that the steely-faced peasant is offering assistance because he typically only looks out for himself.

Liam, who plays Dan, said to outlets including Express.co.uk and others about Cain’s more sympathetic side: “Cain’s great actually; there is some lovely things with Cain and Dan.

Dan seems to have been consistently bullied by Cain throughout the years, according to a number of incidents between the two of them.

He is a big assistance to Dan in this plot since he knows Dan would find it difficult to adjust to life in prison and he wants to help him.

Cain, according to Liam, believes it would be a “good idea” for him to flee with his family from the Yorkshire Dales.

“[Cain] does his best to set him up so he can get out,” he continued. He sets him up with his car and a contact in Ireland, sends him on his way, and then waits for him to return very soon.

Will Dan and Amelia carry out their plan or will they suddenly change their minds?

Dan became upset when he heard Lloyd talking to Amelia in the moments that were broadcast last month.

When Lloyd was given a punch in the face by his protective father, he banged his head on a rock and has been unconscious ever since being taken to the hospital.

Dan might receive a manslaughter term if Lloyd doesn’t survive.

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