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Catherine Tyldesley of Coronation Street speaks out while involved in a dispute about free cake

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Catherine Tyldesley, who portrayed Eva Price in the soap opera Coronation Street, is in the centre of a controversy over a free cake after a local baker refused to provide her 100 cakes in exchange for social media and magazine advertisements.

Catherine Tyldesley, a star of Corrie and Strictly Come Dancing, retaliated against the owner of Three Little Birds Bakery when the woman accused the actress of requesting free cakes.

The proprietor of the bakery stated that in exchange for social media and magazine advertising, she had declined to produce 100 cakes for Catherine’s birthday.

It follows an email conversation between Rebecca Severs, a baker in Keighley, West Yorkshire, and a PR firm representing an unnamed “well-known” celebrity, asking for a cake for a 40th birthday party in September.

Because “it’s actually her husband’s birthday that day and we wanted to surprise him,” the company also asked for 100 cupcakes and an additional mini birthday cake for the celebrity.

On the day of the Manchester celebration, Tom Pitfield, Catherine’s photographer husband, turns 37.

“This poor celebrity apparently can’t afford to pay people for their goods and services,” the businessman yelled. Think about it! What became of women helping women?

Later, MailOnline revealed that Catherine’s 40th birthday party was being planned by the event coordinators.

Catherine responded to her critical words by taking a jab at the bakery’s owner on her Instagram page.

The Eva Price character from Coronation Street flashed a thumbs up to the camera before calling the argument “utterly bizarre.”

I don’t really know what to say, she replied. I genuinely hope the cake vendor received the attention she desired.

“Cake gate!” Catherine exclaimed at the start of the video. WHAT!

“Therefore, I was unaware that those emails were sent. I’m not aware of any projects I’m working on with the great OK! Magazine, but NVRLND is a fantastic business.

“They have already given me performers. They are mad, and this is a gross misrepresentation of them.

This week, Rebecca shared an email from the celebrity management firm that stated: “We are planning a 40th birthday party for a well-known star on September 1st in Manchester.

“Payment would be paid in the form of marketing on their social media accounts, which have over 700K followers, as well as exposure on OK Magazine, in exchange for serving as a supplier for the event.

On these platforms, “they will give credit to all the suppliers.”

“Lots of work would come from it,” it said, “as the party has a guest list full of celebrities and industry people from tv/film and music.”

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