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Charity furiously defends stalker Noah in new Emmerdale video

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According to a new Emmerdale video, Charity Dingle’s (Emma Atkins) feisty side will reappear as Dan (Liam Fox) finds himself on the receiving end of a lecture.

In order for the rest of the hamlet to see that Noah (Jack Downham) is getting his life back on track after being released from jail, Charity has gotten him a job behind the bar at the Woolpack.

After Charity accused Noah of stalking Chloe earlier this year, Noah was sentenced to prison for harassment (Jessie Elland).

The serenity, though, is short-lived as Dan comes in for a quiet pint. However, things do not remain quiet as he makes a joke about Noah, much to Charity’s dismay.

She tells Dan to keep his ideas to himself while expressing her true love for him and reveals that Noah has been a good friend to his daughter, Amelia (Daisy Campbell).

In an effort to keep things quiet while Dan is still in the dark about Amelia’s pregnancy, Noah quickly pulls Charity aside.

In order to maintain calm and keep Amelia’s secret a secret, he encourages her to “rise above” Dan’s jabs.

Will Charity heed the advice of her boys, or will Amelia suffer the repercussions of Charity’s outburst?

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