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Chesney startled viewers in a new Coronation Street clip as a past character made a five-year comeback.

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In a recent Coronation Street spoiler video, Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) runs into an ex-boyfriend, and Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) is shocked to find them getting into a car together.

Henry Newton (George Banks), who has offered Gemma a job working for him, is about to return to the streets.

In the latest video, Henry shows up in his flashy car and quickly turns on the charm.

He remarks on Gemma’s beautiful appearance, but she dismisses him by saying she purchased her bronzer at the pound store.

Although she acknowledges that they didn’t part on the best of terms, she swiftly praises him for the opportunity even though Henry maintains that it is all “water under the bridge.”

When Henry was intending to sue Johnny and Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) in 2018, Gemma went behind his back to inform them that he would do so. As a result, they called the police and reported Henry for fraud.

Henry was dumped by Gemma after she concocted a web of falsehoods, and she stood by idly as thugs abducted him.

Fortunately for Henry, he appears to be feeling much better now as he inquires about Gemma’s life.

He ends their conversation and urges her to get in the car so they can drive to work.

Gemma gladly accepts, but she has no idea that someone is observing her.

When Chesney, the wife, exits the store and sees Gemma getting into her ex’s car, he is shocked.

Chesney is shocked to find Henry and Gemma commuting together after Gemma told him that they would be in different departments.

As they leave in their car, he shakes his head, plainly unimpressed.

Will there be a fight between Chesney and Gemma over Henry?

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