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Cindy Beale’s return to Walford coincides with Molly Rainford of EastEnders confirming important discoveries for Anna.

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In upcoming EastEnders episodes, Anna Knight (Molly Rainford), who is still trying to find her missing mother, is expected to make some shocking revelations.

Anna Knight’s mother Rose Knight vanished from her life nine years ago, and the young woman hasn’t heard from her since.

Anna is adamant to learn the truth because it has lately come to light that Rose Knight never ever lived.

The iconic Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), who assumed a new name after entering witness protection in 1998 after her family thought she had passed away in childbirth, will now be revealed to viewers as Rose Knight.

In subsequent episodes, Anna might make a significant discovery as she goes to great measures to hire a private detective to find her missing mother, entirely oblivious of the implications of her homecoming for the Square as a whole.

Actress Molly Rainford said, “Anna steals some money from The Vic till because she’s so desperate.”

She’s been putting aside the cash for a while, and Anna reached a point where she had to learn the truth.

‘With the money she has, Anna employs a private detective to assist her in locating her mother or at the very least obtaining some information or an explanation. At this moment, I believe she is quite desperate.

Anna is divided when George Knight (Colin Salmon) asks her to stop the hunt after realising where the missing money actually went.

According to Molly, Anna is constantly torn between doing what’s best for herself and what’s best for her family.

She is aware that doing this may cause some old scars to reopen, but she doesn’t want to upset her father by standing up to him. Anna loves Elaine and is content with her family’s current dynamic. She would not want to jeopardise their connection, but she is also of an age where she wants to know the truth about who she is.

She is aware that by doing this, she will have to defy her family’s wishes, but I believe that she must be selfish at this time.

In the end, as Molly disclosed, chats with Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) and Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) aid in Anna’s decision-making.

“Anna has a lot of chats with Freddie and Bobby about finding members of their families, and I believe that their desire to locate their loved ones greatly influences Anna’s desire to locate her mother.

In the sense that even if she doesn’t locate her, she won’t be worse off, but if she does, she will learn more about herself and her identity. That, in my opinion, is what overcomes it and convinces her to contact the investigator.

Molly reveals that despite her resolve, Anna still feels bad about defying her family, especially if dad George learns.

She undoubtedly feels bad. Since Anna has never gone against her family previously, I believe that the entire circumstance of wanting to discover her mother is rather out of character for her.

She clearly feels bad since she is aware of what has happened in the past and what the family has gone through, which I believe just goes to show how important it is to her.

Anna is devastated since she never intended for George to fail her.She probably didn’t even want to tell them since she didn’t want them to go through the process with her if she didn’t discover anything or even if she did. She preferred to work on her own to find the answers she needed rather than calling everyone in.

However, it was practically certain that someone would learn about it and be unhappy.Since her dad and Gina are her support system, I believe she finds it difficult to recognise their disapproval in her.

Molly hinted at what Anna would experience when Anna’s private investigator is about to receive a promising lead in his hunt.

There will be a great deal of curiosity, head-versus-heart conflict, and maybe some discoveries.

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