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Coronation Street fans predict identity of Aaron’s father after abuse reveal

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Corrie fans were left saddened for newcomer Aaron after he finally revealed who was behind his shocking injuries

Once Aaron Sandford disclosed who caused his shocking injuries, Coronation Street viewers were moved by his plight. ITV soap opera watchers were terrified last month when newcomer Aaron revealed to Summer Spellman that he had been “jumped” before meeting her in the Rovers.

Aaron apologized for not fixing the motor sooner and sped away as Kevin asked that he assist in restoring it during the manager’s outburst at the garage, where he wrecked Stephen Reid’s automobile. While he had intended to meet Summer at her lunch break, something happened between Kevin leaving the garage and making it late to meet his new love interest. Kevin assumed it was to meet Summer. After being initially irritated by

Summer was once again charmed with Aaron upon his tardy arrival.

Aaron reacted angrily when she tickled him, and when she pressed him to explain what was wrong, he said he had been jumped and attacked in the street. Aaron then demonstrated to Summer the extensive bruises on his side and stomach when she wanted to see the harm that had been done.

The youngster, who was shocked, urged him to get assistance and suggested that he visit a doctor at the walk-in clinic and call the police to report the assault. She “wasn’t listening to him,” Aaron said as he stormed out of the room. They eventually got back together, and Aaron pretended to call the police to report his beating.

Aaron was concealing something, and during Wednesday night’s trip to Weatherfield, the truth was eventually made clear to Corrie watchers. When Summer heard her new boyfriend arguing with Tyrone Dobbs at the garage, she became even more worried for Aaron. She noticed he had a bloody nose and injured lip as he turned around.Aaron harshly replied after asking him what was going on: “What was I thinking when I decided to travel with you? Kill me now, just the two of us, all day long. Right?” However, after he revealed the heartbreaking truth about the cause of his injuries—his dad—Aaron subsequently came to apologize to Summer.

Aaron acknowledged: “I’m asking who’s hurting me.” “It’s my father. He occasionally just loses it. He has faced a tremendous amount of challenges. Even so, it doesn’t happen frequently. We have to keep this private, Summer, so you can’t tell anyone. He’s sick, therefore it’s not his fault. He struggles mightily to keep sober while being an alcoholic, yet when he does…”

Aaron defended his father by informing Summer that his addiction is a disease just like any other. However, Summer was left unsure of what to do and sought to persuade Aaron to report his father to the police because failing to do so may “ruin his whole life,” while also pleading with him to vow to phone her if anything went wrong.On social media, Corrie viewers have speculated on who Aaron’s dad might be and given some of their theories as to what else might be going on in the narrative. Tweeted @Kathy49203739: “#Aaron, #stu, and #coronationstreet I figured everything out. I know why/why Aaron is getting nice hidings, and I also know who killed the girl! I believe I do, though.”

Responded @Bes208v: “Do you agree with my assertion that Lennox, an ex-cop, is Aaron’s father? corrie, #coronationstreet “Stu Carpenter’s name is currently being brought up in conversation between PC Craig Tinker and Zeedan Nazir as he works to clear his name after denying being a murderer.

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