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Coronation Street icon claims ITV soap ‘in crisis’ as he addresses potential ‘return’

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Sean Wilson portrayed Martin Platt on Coronation Street for viewers between 1985 and 2005.

Sean Wilson, a former Coronation Street legend, has voiced his concerns regarding the decline in ITV soap opera stars since he departed from his role as Martin Platt in 2005. The former actor thinks the reason is that issue-based plots have replaced relatable, humorous storylines and humor.

“I think the world of soap operas is a different vehicle nowadays,” he declared. I believe I was involved in the British soap opera industry during its prime, when audiences numbered in the 18 to 21 million range.

“The excellent acting and writing were truly speaking to the country; on a Wednesday or Friday, you could hear people laughing as they strolled down the street with their windows open. These days, I don’t think it does that much.

The former soap opera star, however, feels that there are too many channels available, meaning that viewers have more options for shows. “People don’t have to watch it anymore,” Sean added in an interview with the Daily Star.

You had five minutes to laugh and five minutes to cry as they were all segwayed together. These days, everything seems to be very issue-centric; people are attempting to solve problems that the world has, but they won’t succeed.”

Since his character would soon be having a relationship with a minor, Sean left the soap opera back in 2005.

Despite his brief return to the soap opera in 2018, Sean feels as though he is finished with Martin.

The former soap opera star did, however, say that he would be willing to return for the right storyline while encouraging others to pursue apprenticeships.

He went on, “Well, we’ll see.” I would have to consider it if the question were presented to me. Right now, I’m more than content to be living the dream.

He was well-known for having multiple extramarital affairs with his wife Gail Platt (Helen Worth) while he was on the soap opera.

He explained why he wanted to give up acting permanently in an interview with Express.co.uk last year. Since then, he has pursued a new career as a cheesemaker.

He made the following observation: “I believe that Coronation Street is where my career kind of ended, if that makes sense.

“It has finished there, otherwise, I’d just be completely repeating myself year on year on year which is [ok] for some people but it wasn’t really for me.”

Martin’s character may have moved off the cobbles, but the drama in Weatherfield still revolves around his family.

After opting to pursue a career in London, Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) recently returned to the ITV soap opera.

To the chagrin of his former fiancée Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), she has returned full force, rekindling her romance with Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

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