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Coronation Street revenge as Adam Barlow determined to make Sarah Platt jealous

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Coronation Street fans know Sarah Platt and Adam Barlow have faced a rocky time recently, and it seems as though things will get worse before they get better.

Following a horrific week, Coronation Street solicitor Adam Barlow (played by Sam Robertson) is out for vengeance.

Adam was mortified when he discovered that his wife, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), had lied about his paternity.

He was aware of her romance with Damon Hay (Ciarán Griffiths), but thanks to Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) forgery of DNA results, Adam was led to believe Sarah’s unborn child was his.

Sarah later lost the baby in a tragic twist, and Adam felt horrible for not believing she was in pain.

However, official ITV serial spoilers suggest that things will stay tense between the two.

Adam is clearly struggling to come to terms with the breakdown of his marriage and the events of the last several weeks.

In yet-to-air sequences, an already tipsy Adam becomes further inebriated at The Rovers before telling Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) that he’s going into town to forget about the last few weeks.

A disheveled Adam returns after his night out and tells Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) that he had a nice night and didn’t get much sleep in order to make Sarah jealous.

Sarah was exposed by Adam in a humiliating way last week after he decided to throw her a surprise gender reveal party.

He asked her to do the big reveal before she asked: “Do you not want to do it together?”

“No, I think you should do it,” Adam replied before Sarah started undoing the box which would unveil whether she was expecting a boy or a girl.

However, Adam has interfered with it and once opened, a balloon reading: “It’s Damon’s” was released for all to see.

Initially, Sarah believed Damon was behind the prank, but Adam admitted: “It wasn’t Damon, it was me.”

He then pulled out the forged DNA results and commented: “Fake, like her,” before storming out.

Still determined on getting more revenge by making Sarah jealous, what could Adam decide to do next?

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