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Coronation Street spoilers for next week

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What’s next on the cobbles?

Yasmeen will support Stu on Coronation Street the next week as Stephen tries to influence Sarah.
Kelly and Aadi pretend to be engaged in the meantime.
Here are 12 significant events that will be on your televisions soon.

1. Alya tries to help Stu

Zeedan and Alya start going over the case files in an effort to clear Stu’s name. Adam quickly points out that not only was Stu questioned for more than 10 hours, which is against the guidelines, but also that a tape is missing when the pair find his interrogation tapes.

Alya visits Stu in jail, but Yasmeen interrupts her because she wants to hear Stu’s version of what happened with Charlie.

2. Stu is released from prison

Yasmeen, Alya, and Zeedan look for Norman, Stu’s attorney, per Stu’s request. Norman supports Stu’s account of what happened and maintains that Stu was forced into confessing.

Since Stu’s account has been verified, Alya implores Yasmeen to permit Stu to return home.

Later, when Stu arrives at the prison gates, Yasmeen is waiting for him, shocking him. Stu is advised by Yasmeen to tell his daughter Bridget about his plans even if she feels he is innocent.

3. Stu’s return is met with hostility

Stu finds himself the target of Dev and Bernie’s ire once word of his homecoming spreads. Yasmeen steps in and says that she and Stu can return to Number 6.

Tim confronts Stu after he apologizes to Kelly. In disbelief at learning that Yasmeen is assisting Stu in clearing his name, Tim cautions Stu to keep away from Yasmeen.

Stu resolves to make Yasmeen’s life easier by proposing to move out, but she advises him against doing so because it will make him appear guilty.

4. Stephen manipulates Sarah

When Carla is unable to obtain a fabric order, she becomes irritated. Stephen steps in to save the day by finding the fabric at a terrific price.

In the meantime, Stephen makes an attempt to influence Sarah’s thinking by telling her that she is the factory’s business brain and should think about buying Carla out.

Sarah approaches him for assistance as his comments continue to echo in her ears in an effort to convince Carla that she is qualified to handle the company.

5. Carla shares her concerns about Stephen

Carla is still apprehensive when Sarah pushes her to hire Stephen as a consultant, so she asks Peter and Ken for guidance.

Carla decides to hire Stephen when Ken asserts that he has the greatest of intentions.

In the meantime, Stephen keeps trying to sway Sarah by urging her to get a loan to grow the company.

6. Kelly and Aadi fake their engagement

Kelly seizes the chance to pretend that she and Aadi are engaged when Ellie from the Gazette delivers flyers announcing a contest to win a fantasy wedding. Aadi is reassured by Kelly that they won’t have to have the wedding and can instead just relax for the holiday.

Aadi and Kelly get ready for the competition’s “Mr & Mrs” quiz. The two realize that they had never had sex before as they interrogate one another and decide to move on in their relationship.

Later, when Aadi gives Kelly his mother’s engagement ring, Kelly is overjoyed.

7. Asha confronts Aadi

Ellie is inspired by Aadi’s love to Kelly and believes they will be popular with readers despite failing the “Mr & Mrs” exam.

Dev gives Aadi a car in the meantime as a congratulations for passing his driving test.

Later, Asha confronts Aadi after being horrified to see the ring on Kelly’s finger. He acknowledges that the ring belongs to their mother but says that the engagement is really a ruse to win a trip.

8. Aadi discovers Kelly has been involved in an accident

Kelly had overheard Aadi and Asha’s talk, and they are aware of it. Aadi’s confession to Asha hurt him, so Kelly throws the ring at him and drives off in the new automobile that Aadi bought.

Aadi pursues Kelly on Asha’s vintage princess bike, but he is shocked to see that Kelly’s car has collided with a bollard when he finally comes up to her.

9. Bernie is accused of theft

Bernie goes to Dev to ask for additional shifts but is unhappy to find out that he has already organized the schedule. Bernie is having financial difficulties, but Gemma notices and reassures her that Linda has already transferred the funds for Joseph’s uniform.

Later, Bernie is ecstatic to land Dev a cleaning job.

Gemma and Chesney become suspicious when Bernie returns from the stores carrying Joseph’s uniform and a blazer for herself. Bernie then explains that the jacket was handed to her by mistake. The two insist that she give it back, but before Bernie can do anything, the blazer’s owner arrives and accuses Bernie of stealing.

10. Aaron goes behind Summer’s back

When the diabetes nurse recommends that a flash monitor would be helpful, Summer doesn’t seem particularly impressed. Aaron concurs with the nurse, but Summer doesn’t seem to care and tells Billy she isn’t eligible for the monitor.

Aaron urges Billy to gather the facts by contacting the hospital since he is concerned for Summer’s wellbeing.

Later, Summer decides to plan a special night away to make up to Aaron for their botched vacation.

11. Dylan reveals he wants to stay

Glenda offers her help and immediately implements a strategy as Sean plans Dylan’s goodbye supper. Sean is happy to learn that Glenda and Mary asked James to make the occasion special for Dylan.

James is taken aback when Dylan confesses that he would rather stay with Sean than go home when they go outside for a kickaround before dinner.

12. Steve turns to Ed for help

Ed and Paul arrive at Number 1 to begin their job while Steve’s roof saga continues. Steve, who affirms that Arnie has indeed agreed to fix the roof, however, pushes them back.

Later, when Arnie doesn’t reply to Steve’s messages, Steve becomes frustrated. When the scaffolder informs Steve that the scaffolding must be removed unless Steve pays an additional £500, his day takes a turn for the worst.

Steve again turns to Ed, but will Ed be of assistance?

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