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Coronation Street star ‘fuming’ as Jack P Shepherd lets slip show secret

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The actor, renowned for his role as David Platt, provided fans with an insight into Gail Platt’s flat

Jack P. Shepherd of Coronation Street has provided fans with a behind-the-scenes look at the Coronation Street set.

The actor is well-known for playing David Platt on the enduring soap opera. Jack joined the cast in 2000 and has played the part throughout some of the most intense plotlines of the program.

David tortured his family throughout his first ten years on the show, and after pushing his mother Gail Platt down the stairs, he was sentenced to time in a Young Offenders facility. As he sat for photographs on the stairs of Gail’s house at 8 Coronation Street today, the actor reflected on his character’s turbulent adolescence.

“Misspent youth was had on this staircase,” Jack said in the post he shared with his 389,000 Instagram followers.

The character of David has evolved over the years as his storylines now center on attempting to keep Max Turner on the right path. David has now wed Shona Turner on the show. Paddy Bever, who plays his on-screen son, criticized his co-star in the comments section for revealing a behind-the-scenes secret.

In Jack’s photo, the top of the stairs is where the Corrie set ends, and Paddy is firing at his on-screen father for shattering the fantasy. He laughed: “Fuming. Just learned there isn’t an upstairs.”

The actor who played Phill Whittaker, Jamie Kenna, continued, “The mansion not real?!?”

Other fans responded to the reveal in the comments section.

Why did I think these were true, real houses? This has wrecked it, remarked Sally.

“So there’s no upstairs?” wrote Lee.

“This is right up there with the sadness I had when I realized the washing machines at the laundromat on EastEnders aren’t genuine, and someone actually stands behind the wall physically turning them around,” Sharlene continued.
Can’t believe people believe these are real residences, said May.
Kate wrote: “We frequently ask, “Why is Max going upstairs? There is nothing above! We recently participated in the Corrie tour.”

Added Rosey: “Some individuals believe there is a bedroom up there. Hilarious”

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