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Coronation Street theory: Kelly Neelan missing after Aadi Alahan heartbreak

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CORONATION STREET’S Kelly Neelan has been growing closer to Aadi Alahan, but that could all change as an theory could see their relationship fall apart.

Kelly (Millie Gibson), who became connected with the gang her father, Rick Neelan (Greg Wood), used to deal with, has had a difficult few of weeks. She was saved by Gary Windass (Mickey North) and has since worked to get herself back on track. Since then, Kelly and Aadi (Adam Hussain) have become more intimate, and future scenes are expected to advance their relationship. The couple’s romance, however, might not last long if a new notion is correct since she disappears. According to official spoilers, Ellie from the Gazette visits the restaurant with some flyers advertising a contest to “Win a Dream Wedding.” Kelly pretends that she and Aadi are getting married because she wants to know more, but she promises him that they won’t actually go through with it holiday .

Aadi is informed by Kelly that they must participate in a Mr. and Mrs. quiz as a requirement for qualification, and they soon start asking each other pointed questions.
After learning more about one another’s lives, they quickly each disclose that they have never been in a sexual relationship, which prompts Aadi to lean in for a kiss.

As his affections for Kelly grow and they experience their first kiss, he soon gives her his mother’s engagement ring.

As soon as Kelly falls in love with Aadi, they head to the hotel bar to compete in the Mr. and Mrs. Quiz.
They misrepresent the answers to the questions they had earlier asked one another, but Aadi isn’t ready to give up on the holiday.
Ellie feels that the readers would adore them as a relationship after he turns to her and says that they belong together.

When Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) returns to the street, she is furious to see the engagement ring on Kelly’s finger.
Later, when Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) hears that Aadi has passed his driving test, he is overjoyed and hands him the keys to a brand-new vehicle.
Asha, who is still angry about what she saw on Kelly’s finger, confronts Aadi about the engagement. He explains that the ring belongs to their mother but that he is simply acting to win a vacation.
When Kelly overhears their chat, he becomes enraged and throws the ring at Aadi before accelerating away in his brand-new vehicle.

Aadi grabs Asha’s old princess bike and starts down the ginnel in an effort to find Kelly and make things right, but he soon discovers his car has crashed into a bollard and Kelly is nowhere to be seen. Could Kelly have sought aid after the automobile accident, putting her in a precarious situation?

Even if she was able to extract herself from the rubble, it’s possible that she sustained wounds and bruises.

Would Kelly’s concussion cause her to lose track of where she is and disappear?

Could Rick Neelan’s gang go to extraordinary lengths to locate her once more?In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Millie discussed the redemption of her character and said, “I realize it won’t save the individuals who are too late.” She always believes in second chances, so it might save the people who still have a chance, she added. She is making every effort to turn the situation around.

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