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Coronation Street theory: Resident exposed as real killer after Yasmeen finds missing tape

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CORONATION STREET stalwart Yasmeen Nazir could end up getting herself killed after she tries to clear her love Stu Carpenter’s name. In a theory explored by the restaurant owner could end up finding the missing police tape which proves Stu’s innocence, and in doing so, exposes the true killer – but does she know them?

When Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows), the restaurant owner on Coronation Street, revealed his troubled background last week, Yasmeen Nazir’s (Shelley King) world came crashing down. When Yasmeen learned that Stu had murdered a lady 27 years prior, she was completely brokenhearted by his deception. The chef was ultimately detained after a dispute broke out at Yasmeen’s home, despite his protests to the contrary and claims that the police had mistreated him for hours. However, according to ITV’s official teasers, Yasmeen will alter her mind once Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) and Alya (Sair Khan) find some intriguing evidence. When Stu’s interview tapes from when he was detained are discovered, the siblings are going through some case files.

Sam Robertson’s attorney Adam Barlow is eager to point out that Stu was interrogated by police for more than 10 hours, which is against the law.

They also find out that one of the police tapes is missing, which is an odd turn of events.

Alya visits Stu while he is incarcerated, but Yasmeen soon interrupts their encounter.

Stu tells Yasmeen the entire account of his relationship with Charlie now that Alya has left, so she will know the truth.

Stu admits that he was forced into giving a confession to the police when Yasmeen persuades him to speak with a lawyer.

As soon as Yasmeen realizes that Stu is telling the truth, Alya persuades her to permit her love interest to re-enter the apartment.

Stu is astonished to see Yasmeen waiting for him as he exits the prison gates.

Yasmeen tells Stu that she thinks he is innocent in Victoria Garden.

When the chef returns to the street, though, not everyone is pleased to see him relocating with Yasmeen.

However, the owner of Speed Daal rushes to Stu’s defense and insists on his innocence.

While Kelly (Millie Gibson) verifies that Stu is back in residence at No. 6 and that Yasmeen is assisting him in clearing his record, Tim (Joe Duttine) cautions him to keep away from Yasmeen. Yasmeen is urged by Tim and Elaine (Paula Wilcox) to reconsider assisting Stu.

At No. 6, Stu offers to pack his things and go, but Yasmeen cautions him against doing so because it will make him appear remorseful.

Will Yasmeen go to great lengths to establish Stu’s innocence?

Will Yasmeen ultimately discover the missing police tape that will establish that Stu did not murder Charlie?

This could lead to the identification of the genuine murderer. Is the offender, however, closer to Yasmeen than she believes?

A neighbor of Stu and Yasmeen’s could be the genuine murder suspect.

Fans of Corrie have also developed their own suspicions about Stu throughout the course of the previous week.

Many appear to believe that newcomer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) was the one who killed Charlie and may have some connection to the crime.

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