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Coronation Street theory: Steve McDonald in horror accident as roof caves in on home

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CORONATION STREET’S stingy resident Steve McDonald has been trying to get his roof fixed over the past month but without spending an extortionate amount of money. However, his cheap ways may have landed him in more trouble as a new theory from could see him in a tragic accident.

The most well-known trait of Steve (played by Simon Gregson) is his desire to find the greatest deal on everything and his reluctance to part with cash. Steve chose to accept the offer from “recommended” builder Arnie despite Tracy McDonald’s (Kate Ford) advise to hire their neighbor Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges). Since then, he has received quotes from all directions, which has caused his cost to be significantly higher than when he originally began. However, has Steve left it too late for the roof to be fixed, putting himself and his family in danger? Steve is about to be let down by Arnie once more in subsequent scenes.

Soon, Ed and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) will arrive at No. 1 to begin fixing the roof that Steve has been desiring.
After explaining that Arnie has already committed to doing the work, Steve dismisses the two, leaving Ed furious.
Later, Steve leaves Arnie a message for the hundredth time, wondering where he is and if he will actually show up.
The scaffolder tells Steve that the scaffolding must be taken down because the hire term has ended, which only makes him feel worse.

Steve begs the scaffolder to keep the structure up while trying to explain that the work isn’t finished, but he ends up with an additional £500 bill on top of what he previously spent.

Steve phones the builder’s yard and asks Ed to fix the roof at No. 1 out of desperation, but will Ed come to the rescue?
Has Steve put his family in danger by procrastinating with the repairs for too long?
Steve might suffer the repercussions of not hiring Ed in the first place if the roof is in dire need of repair since the roof could collapse with potentially disastrous results.

In addition to Tracy’s father Ken Barlow (William Roache) and Steve’s daughter Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney), other family members also dwell in the house owned by Steve and his wife.

Since getting electrocuted at Debbie Webster’s (Sue Devaney) hotel a few weeks ago, Ed has grown tired of Steve’s games.

Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw), who was both afraid and enraged, scolded Debbie for putting Ed’s life in jeopardy and warned her that their solicitor would be calling soon.

As a result, Ed was unable to repair Steve’s roof as he had originally intended after hearing some critical remarks from Aggie.

Will Ed be able to assist Steve in time to prevent the house from collapsing and maybe leading to disaster? The situation was made worse by Steve’s roof issues and the scaffolding when Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) stumbled over the metal framing and broke his ankle.

The scaffolding outside the McDonald home is starting to annoy a lot of the neighbors, and many of them are taking it out on Steve.

Since Steve hasn’t told his wife how much he has actually paid so far for the roof to still be broken, Tracy’s tolerance with him has also run thin.

He has already paid thousands of pounds for the roof repair, but the leak has persisted, so he may not have much money left.

Tracy’s husband will be in hot water with her for failing to replace the roof and costing them money in a building fraud.
Steve might make some rash moves that further endanger his family because of the money hanging over his head and Tracy’s wrath.
Will all members of the McDonald family survive?

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