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Coronation Street’s Daisy Midgeley unexpected exit ‘sealed’ after ultimate betrayal

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Watchers of Coronation Street witnessed Daisy Midgeley’s heartbreak upon learning that Daniel Osbourne had chosen to resume his relationship with Bethany Platt.

It appears that one Weatherfield resident may soon be walking off the cobbles. Daisy Midgeley, a bartender on Coronation Street played by Charlotte Jordan, is about to become embroiled in a dramatic situation.

Fans of ITV will learn in future scenes that Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) has written an article about Daisy, Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), and Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard). But, Daisy might not be able to bear the humiliation of being betrayed, which could have disastrous results.

“It could potentially lead to Daisy leaving Weatherfield to escape the drama and rebuild her life elsewhere,” the artificial intelligence system Bard AI stated, as reported by Daily Star.

A few viewers have conjectured that Daisy might leave Weatherfield due to the embarrassment caused by the publication of the article. Despite the fact that Bard AI implied Daisy might choose to accept the consequences of what she had done to Daniel.

“This could entail navigating a complex relationship with Daniel and facing judgment from the community, or it could entail rebuilding trust,” it continued. This route would entail substantial personal development and handling challenging circumstances, but it wouldn’t always require leaving.”

The owner of Rovers Return, who became closer to Ryan after their horrifying acid attack, has had a difficult year.

Their friendship quickly developed into something more, even though at first she was there for her friend and wanted to see him through his recovery.

Despite being engaged to Daniel, she began to deceive Ryan by posing as his ex-girlfriend Crystal in an attempt to increase his self-esteem and stoke her feelings.

Ryan was initially incensed when she revealed the entire incident, but as their bond deepened, they eventually shared a bed.

Daniel broke up with Daisy right away after learning of it, leaving her devastated.

She tried to patch things up with Daniel after realizing she didn’t want to end their relationship.

He was accompanied by his ex-girlfriend Bethany when he answered the door, though, and it was obvious Daisy had cut into their time together.

Since Ryan made the decision to flee to Scotland with the real Crystal, Daniel and Bethany have reignited their romance, leaving Daisy all alone.

Will their newfound romance end, though, now that Bethany has revealed everything about Daniel’s love triangle with Daisy and Ryan?

Regarding the dynamic between Daisy and Bethany, Lucy told Express.co.uk, “I think they’re going to clash and also they both want the same thing.” I believe they will engage in a power struggle.

“However, I also find it hard to imagine Bethany given everything she’s been through in the past regarding men and Nathan.

“I don’t think she would spend a lot of time on the streets just looking for another woman or girl to mate with. Therefore, I’d like to think that eventually, instead of continuing to hate each other as they do now, they would be more friends.

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