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Coronation Street’s Sarah Platt ‘killed’ as she becomes suspicious of Stephen

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EXCLUSIVE: Coronation Street’s Sarah Platt is starting to grow suspicions of her uncle Stephen Reid after he meddled with her paternity results.

Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce) of Coronation Street has been on a murdering spree since his arrival in Weatherfield last year.

After getting away with murder three times, he set his eyes on Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox), despite the fact that his lies and plots were exposed.

After forging his niece Sarah Platt’s (Tina O’Brien) paternity results, his family is beginning to see a different side to him.

Tina revealed exclusively to Express.co.uk and other media outlets how Stephen’s involvement has formed a new picture of him in Sarah’s head.

“I think it’s definitely sown a little scene of something,” Sarah replied when asked if his fabricating the paternity findings made her suspicious.

“I think she’s obviously got so many of her own problems right now, but she’s like, ‘What?!'”

“She couldn’t believe what he’d done because of how casual he was about it.” “I believe that made her think, ‘Oh my god, you’re quite ruthless and brutal.'”

However, because Stephen has continued to support Sarah, the actress admits her opinion of him has been tarnished.

“I think that’s been stored away, she’s not really going there with it at the moment,” she continued, referring to his lies and interfering.

She’s dealing with way too many issues on her own right now. But I’m not sure if it’s anything that prompts something later on.

“He’s always championed her, always looked out for her.” He was the one who drove her to Milan at the time.

“Even if other people see a negative side to him, Sarah is a little bit blinded by how good he has been to her, or so she believes.”

If Sarah’s suspicions grow, may ITV viewers believe she is to blame for his downfall? Or will he use her as his next victim to keep his lies hidden?

Coronation boss Iain MacLeod revealed earlier this year that Stephen will get his comeuppance for the crimes he’s committed.

Appearing on Loose Women, he was asked whether or not justice will be seen in the cobbles and replied: “Of course he is. It’s a soap, bad guys always get their comeuppance in the end, don’t they?

“So yes, 100 per cent. There’s a lot of fun to be had between now and then I will say.”

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