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Dancing With The Stars’ Emily Weir explains why she admitted to alcohol battle

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after being in a spin on the TV dance floor, soap star Emily Weir claims that after beating her fight with alcohol, she has failed to “nail life” off camera.

The 32-year-old, who gained popularity as the Home and Away restaurateur Mackenzie Booth, has given an explanation for why she is willing to talk about her past drinking, which she started doing when her parents were divorced while she was in her twenties.

“I’m looking for the truth. I work in an open manner, says Weir of her most recent admissions.

She praises her mother for raising her as an open book and claims that sharing is therapeutic.

“The line between secrecy and privacy is narrow, and I have to continually be aware of that. By telling my experience honestly as I can, it is how I discover more about who I am, she tells Today.

I owe my mother for it. I’ve always had a voice. She claimed that because I have many questions, raising me has been difficult.

Weir claims that learning to dance on Dancing With The Stars from professional Lyu Masuda has been the ideal kind of treatment.

“Last year, I trotted poorly. Leaning into new experiences, altering the narrative, doing amazing things, and meeting cool people are all part of the process. She said of her ballroom blitz on the Channel 7 programme, “It was one of the coolest things I have done in my career.

These days, Weir is on more secure ground. “My starting point is quite good. I believe I am surrounded by the appropriate resources and people. I am working properly.

The actress is well aware that she is always evolving.

The actress claims, “I have issues like everyone else, I have anxieties like everyone else.”

You can’t actually go through life alone; it’s a wild journey. The most valuable lesson I took away from my healing process was to reach out. I don’t like to request assistance from others. As I’ve become older, I’ve come to realize that’s the only way to move forward. Be as forthcoming as you can. You cannot become that ill if you tell the truth. That is what I think.

According to Weir, pursuing fame blindly will lead to calamity. She says, “I used to think that being successful and having everything in order on the outside would make me feel better inside.”

“However, I’m still learning internal lessons. Learning to let go of the past and how to face challenges head-on. becoming more aware of and accepting of myself. My physical environment then seems to reflect it. “What’s Next? Do More” is the industry’s rallying cry. However, you exhaust yourself and worry that you won’t be somewhere at a specific time.

Weir has gone down a gear though.

“That has made me feel more calm and able to be not so tight in this world with myself and so controlling. Relaxing into life,” she explains.

“All the other stuff is so exhausting. The more authentic I can be will open up the path where I need to be next. I have big dreams but I also now know if I can be the best version of myself I feel like the right doors will open at the right time. That’s a daily thing. I haven’t nailed life.”

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