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Daytime Veteran Denise Alexander Celebrates Her Birthday

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Early in 2021, Denise Alexander made her final appearance on General Hospital as Leslie Webber. Today, the actress is celebrating a personal achievement.

Happy Birthday, Denise Alexander

This is due to the fact that she was born in New York City, New York, on November 11, 1939, making her 84 years old today!

Alexander had a connection to the medical-themed soap opera long before she landed the lead role on General Hospital. Back when Emergency Hospital was still an anthology series, she had starred as the featured patient in the pilot that was never broadcast, and in 1965, she played a small role as Lorna Hill.

Alexander had made appearances in numerous Broadway productions and radio series episodes by the time she was a well-established junior at UCLA. Don Siegel’s Crime in the Streets was her feature film debut.

Denise Alexander focused on her television career during and after college, eventually earning 200 credits. On the CBS series The Clear Horizon, which followed astronauts and their families, she played Lois Adams in her first daytime role.

Shortly afterward, she appeared in an NBC soap opera named Ben Jerrod as Emily Sanders, a lawyer from a small town. Alexander then became a cast member of Ted Corday’s newly formed soap opera Days of our Lives in March 1966. Throughout the following seven years, Alexander took center stage in a number of dramatic plots that included murder, a love triangle between two brothers, and a complete mental breakdown.

During difficult contract negotiations with DAYS in 1973, Alexander decided to leave the role and join the cast of General Hospital. Alexander played a crucial leading lady role, just as she had at DAYS, and for the next thirteen years, Dr. Lesley Webber found herself at the center of several story points.

Though Alexander would eventually return to GH, where she has made guest appearances for the past few decades, she left one washboard weeper for another, NBC’s Another World, due to stalled contract negotiations, just like previously. Denise Alexander has our best wishes for a very happy birthday and many more from Soap Hub.

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