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‘Double exit’ from Emmerdale as Bob Hope makes a significant choice and Wendy attempts to mend the romance

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Bob Hope from Emmerdale was devastated to hear that Wendy Posner had a passionate relationship with Dr. Liam Cavanagh.

Future episodes of Emmerdale will have Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) attempting to convince Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) of her worth.

Although Bob had been attempting to suppress his chemistry with Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles), he was devastated when Wendy admitted to having an affair with Dr. Liam Cavanagh (Johnny McPherson).

They were open and honest about their feelings for one another, laying all their cards on the table.

Bob disagrees with Wendy’s desire to move past their trying time and patch up their relationship.

Wendy is horrified when she finds Bob is ignoring her on purpose.

Bernice, however, cautions Bob to return Wendy’s affection or risk losing her and commands him to quit acting foolishly.

Official soap opera spoilers indicate that a mix-up at the operation exacerbates the situation.

Will Bob go with Bernice when she leaves the village, or can Bob and Wendy mend their relationship?

Liam wants Wendy to carry on their relationship even though Wendy is desperate to mend her relationship with Bob.

He attempted to get the nurse to pursue a relationship with him, but she was uninterested.

Wendy might attempt to restart her romance with Liam if Bob decides to quit their relationship.

Dan Spencer (Lima Fox) and Amelia (Daisy Campbell) make the decision to leave the village and seek refuge in Ireland.

Dan resists, but when Amelia nearly wounds baby Esther unintentionally, he learns how anxious she is about losing him to prison.

Dan begins to consider fleeing after witnessing his daughter’s anxiety and realising how terrified he is of going to jail.

The following day, a desperate Dan confronts Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and begs for assistance in leaving the nation.

Cain consents, and shortly after, Dan tells Amelia that their escape plan will go ahead but cautions her not to tell anyone—including Noah.

Despite her fear, Amelia is adamant on doing this with her father.

Dan and Amelia are later given ferry tickets, an old car and a burner phone by Cain so they can flee to Ireland.

The father and daughter share a sorrowful smile as they discuss leaving Emmerdale and setting out as a three because everything has suddenly become very real for them.

But did they make the right choice, and should Dan be punished for his one-punch crime?

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