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EastEnders exit confirmed for Frankie Lewis as Rose Ayling-Ellis leaves role

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After two years in the position, the Strictly Come Dancing winner is moving on to greener pastures.

Initially revealed to be Mick Carter’s (Danny Dyer) long-lost daughter, Frankie’s entrance caused him pain because her mother Katy had molested him as a child.
Frankie was put in a difficult situation, but she soon realized that her gaslighting mother was lying.
Frankie was accepted into the fold by Mick once he achieved justice, and their bond grew.
Being the first regular deaf performer on EastEnders has been quite unique, according to Rose. Frankie has been a fantastic character to play, and I have loved my time on the show. However, it feels like the appropriate moment for me to move on, and I am eager and prepared for new challenges.

I will always be grateful for the two years I spent working on the show and for all the beautiful people who helped me develop as an actor and gave me so many wonderful experiences. I am eager for audiences to watch Frankie’s leave tale because I believe it is an extremely significant one that will resonate with many people.
Executive producer Chris Clenshaw said of Rose: “She has always been a fantastic asset to EastEnders; not just as a phenomenal actor, but as an amazing company member as well. I have only had the pleasure to work with her for a short period.

Rose is a great trailblazer, and we at EastEnders are so proud of everything she has accomplished. We wish her nothing but the best.

The fact that Danny will also be departing the program at the end of the year has led to rumors that the characters may leave together.
Rose took a break from the serial opera last year to compete on Strictly and win after being the first deaf contestant.
The actress most recently served as the face of a campaign that debuted the first Barbie using hearing aids.

“It’s really vital for children to be able to see themselves represented in the toys they play with,” said Rose, who has been deaf since birth.

Since I used to add hearing aids to my Barbie dolls to make them resemble me as a child, I’m overjoyed that Mattel is introducing new dolls that teach children to value and appreciate their diversity.
Later this year, the last scenes of Frankie will air.

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