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EastEnders fans in stitches over Sam and Phil’s botched kidnapping plot

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EastEnders fans were laughing as a Mitchell revenge plot went wrong.

The mistaken kidnapping of Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) caused outrage among EastEnders viewers as their intended target managed to escape and hold them at gunpoint instead.

In last night’s (Tuesday, August 16) EastEnders episode, Phil was shocked to see a gagged man tied up in Sam’s car’s trunk.

Sam broke the shocking revelation that she had kidnapped Lewis (Aidan O’Callaghan), the rapist of Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), and was holding him hostage in the car’s trunk.

The two then drove to an abandoned warehouse on the docks after concealing Phil’s rifle in the glove box.

Sam pulled a revolver on a scared Lewis before placing it on the car’s top so that she could free his feet from the ties.However, in a shocking turn of events, the typically spiteful Phil was doubtful of his sister’s gory plans for Lewis and closed the boot on Lewis – or so he thought.

While Lewis escaped from the open boot, Phil took Sam aside and gave her a serious talking to about her wild activities.

The siblings argued, with Phil telling her to free Lewis because Ben didn’t want this and he wanted to respect that.

While they argued, Lewis got out of the car, snatched the gun, and fled without the other person noticing.

Once they realized Lewis was missing, Sam and Phil became distraught. Phil reprimanded his sister for what she had done.

He then proposed that they leave because he had already experienced a shock. However, when they discovered that Lewis had taken Phil’s rifle, things got much worse.

They hesitantly followed Lewis into a warehouse where he was hiding after Phil again criticized Sam.

a battered Lewis then demanded that they turn over their phones while he contacted the police while holding them both at gunpoint and denying that he had raped Ben.

Phil grabbed Lewis to the ground and struck him hard before he could even finish dialing the number.

Even though Sam implored Phil to stop, she eventually caved in to his irate demands and handed him the rifle so he could shoot Lewis.

Lewis begged Phil to spare him and expressed regret for what he had done. Up until Ben abruptly intervened, pleading with his aggressive father not to shoot him.

He declared, “If anyone’s going to shoot him, it’ll be me.”

Fans couldn’t help but giggle during the humorous kidnapping scenario despite the violent situations, and some even referred to Sam and Phil as a comedy team.

These moments with Phil and Sam seem to have been lifted from a mediocre Coen Brothers-style criminal comedy.

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