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EastEnders fans ‘work out’ who will take over Queen Vic as Danny Dyer eyes up exit

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EastEnders fans are convinced they have “worked out” who will take over the Queen Vic pub as viewers prepare to for an emotional goodbye to Mick Carter later this year

As they get ready for Mick Carter’s impending BBC departure, EastEnders viewers think they have “figured out” who will own the venerable Queen Victoria pub.

The bar owner (played by Danny Dyer) and his wife Linda Carter (Kelly Bright) had experienced a rollercoaster of emotions over the past six months after their marriage was tested soon after their kid Ollie was identified as having autism.
The beloved mother sought to find solutions to their issues at the bottom of a bottle as her husband cracked under the strain with a string of severe panic episodes, and the fan-favorite couple found themselves spiraling out of control.The devoted dad decided his family and his relationship was more important than the Queen Vic in an effort to better their life and prevent their marriage from falling apart.

The television favorite has been serving drinks behind the counter ever since he joined the soap opera in 2013, but as BBC executives prepare for his painful departure, viewers are left wondering who will succeed Mick as the new proprietor of the storied pub.

With only a few months left, viewers of the BBC soap are unanimous in their predictions of who will replace him as the name above the door.

One viewer shared their theory about which recognizable face will succeed the current ruler on Facebook after watching the most recent episode of the TV show. And who better to inherit the kingdom than the previous occupant?

They asked: “If the pub doesn’t stay in the Carter family’s hands, who will take over? We know that Mick Carter is on his way out.” Alfie Moon might try to woo Kat back by purchasing the tavern when he returns with some extra cash. Whatever transpires, it will be intriguing.
Alfie Moon (played by Shane Richie) and his then-wife Kat formerly owned the tavern in 2010, however he only had the title for a short period of time before Phil Mitchell and his mother Peggy seized possession.

The cheeky man’s comeback quickly drew a stream of fans to the comments section, many of whom agreed that he would fit in well behind the bar.

Many people claim that’s why they’re bringing him back, one user wrote, “so they can separate Kat and Phil and have Kat and Alfie run the Vic.”

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